A·pace' adverb [ Prefix a- + pace . Middle English a pas at a walk, in which a is the article. See Pace .] With a quick pace; quick; fast; speedily. « His dewy locks did drop with brine apace . Spenser. » « A visible triumph of t...
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• (adv.) With a quick pace; quick; fast; speedily.
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apace Etymology: 'a step' about 1280, from Old French pas, from Latin passus, 'a step'; literally, the past participle of pandere, 'to stretch (the leg), to spread out'; also from Gkreek, petalon, 'a leaf'.
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Apače (pron; German: Abstall) is a town in Slovenia and it is located on the border between Slovenia and Austria. It is the seat of the Municipality of Apače, which is the northernmost municipality in the traditional region of Styria. It now belongs to the Mura Statistical Region. It is located 25 kilometers northeast of Maribor and 20 kilometer...
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