Canute the Great (d. November 12, 1035) was a Danish king of England, Denmark, Norway, and Sigtuna in Sweden, as well as overlord of Pomerania, and the Mark of Schleswig. He, in treaty with the Holy Roman Emperors, Henry II and Conrad II, as well as, in good relations with the papacy, was the ruler of a Scandinavian domain which saw the Kingdom of...
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Yvignac-la-Tour (Ivinieg) is a commune in the CĂ´tes-d`Armor department of the region in Brittany in northwestern France. ==The church== One of Yvignac`s most prominent landmarks, reflected in the town`s name, is the tall tower of its church. This tower is not a steeple, tapering to a point, but has a flat roof. Also inside the church at the ba......
Found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yvignac-la-Tour
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