YuMe is a provider of digital video brand advertising. Designed to serve the specific needs of targeted brand advertising, My technology is intended to simplify digital video advertising campaigns. YuMe is headquartered in Redwood City, CA with European headquarters in London and nine additional offices worldwide. == History == Jayant Kadambi and ...
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[Miwako Okuda song] == I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT == dont eat while doing this == Gasoline and Fire ==#REDIRECT remember dont eat As a kid, my friend`s dad owned a gas station. He used to work there pumping gas after school and during the summer. Like me, he`s a really curious guy. One day when the gasoline tankers came to refill the station`s w...
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[The Blue Hearts song] ==Details== Neither B-side`s, `Minagoroshi no Melody` (皆殺しのメロディー Massacre Melody) nor `Tokyo Zombie (Russian Roulette)` (東京ゾンビ(ロシアンルーレット)), were included on the Stick Out album with `Yume`; they had already been recorded on the previous album High Kicks. Though `Yume` ...
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