spinal headache

Type: Term Definitions: 1. headache, usually frontal or occipital, which follows lumbar puncture; precipitated by patient's sitting or standing, and relieved by lying down; due to leakage of CSF fluid through the puncture site, with resulting reduction in CSF pressure and traction on the dural and cerebral vessels. Synonyms: post-lumbar puncture sy...
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spinal headache

A headache that can occur after a lumbar puncture is performed. Patients who lie flat on their stomach for one hour immediately after lumbar puncture, followed by 12 hours on their back, have a decreased incidence of spinal headaches. ... (27 Sep 1997) ...
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Spinal Headache

A headache that is developed as a result of leaking leaking spinal fluid through the puncture site surrounding the spinal cord after spinal anesthesia has been given. The headache generally presents within 12 to 24 hours. Common symptoms, in addition to the headache, include nasuea, dizziness, ringing in the ears and dizzness. Approximately 30% ......
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Spinal headache

A headache that results when the needle used for a spinal anesthesia or an epidural
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