Raul is a Italian boy name. The meaning of the name is `Wise Ruler, Wolf` Where is it used? The name Raul is mainly used In Italian and In Spanish.How do they say it elsewhere? Radulf ( In German) Raoul ( In French) For the opposite sex use: In English: Ralph (M) Raul appears In 2007`s top-1000 name list at rank 255.. 1980 was a `top year` for ...
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[footballer] Raúl González Blanco (raˈul ɣonˈθaleθ ˈβlaŋko) (born 27 June 1977), commonly known as Raúl, is a former Spanish professional footballer who last played for the Qatar Stars League club Al Sadd as a striker. Raúl was born in the San Cristóbal de los Ángeles neighborhood of Madrid where he played for the local youth ...
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