[river] The Raba is a river in the south of Poland (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), right tributary to the river Vistula. Its source is in the Beskids, between the towns of Rabka-Zdrój and Nowy Targ. It flows to the north and then to the northeast. Towns along the river Raba include Rabka-Zdrój, Mszana Dolna, Myślenice, Dobczyce and Bochnia....
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Rába (rä'bo) , Ger. Raab, river, c.160 mi (260 km) long, rising in the mountains of SE Austria. It flows SE to the Austria-Hungary line, then NE through W Hungary to the Danube River at Győr. There are many small hydroelectric plants on the river. The valley is extensively farm...
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