[v] - make optimal 2. [v] - modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost 3. [v] - act as an optimist and take a sunny view of the world
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[magazine] Optimize magazine published its last issue in June 2007. Optimize`s peer-based business leadership content for CIOs is now incorporated into the pages of InformationWeek. Optimize`s was a magazine whose intended reader was a corporate officer; according to BPA International (as cited in `Media Kit 2004` listed in the `References`...
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Review, plan and request changes, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency and effectiveness from a process, configuration item, application etc.
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To continually rework copy, creative, and functionality based on performance to ensure efficiency. This applies to many components of social media because of the fast pace of the platforms.
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to take action to create a process in such a way that the performance criterion used for evaluating the process states for a given task assumes a value either as large as possible or as small as possible within given limitations NOTE - The performance criterion can be used to express optimization targets like high profitability, high efficiency and...
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