(from the article `Indian philosophy`) The Vaieika-stras were written by Kada, a philosopher who flourished c. 2nd–4th centuries. The system owes its name to the fact that it admits ... ...commentary (c. 5th century) does not closely follow the stras but is rather an independent explanation. Praastapda added seven more qualities to...
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[AM] KADA (1230 AM, `The Ref`) is a radio station broadcasting a sports talk format. Licensed to Ada, Oklahoma, USA, the station (and its sister stations, KADA-FM 99.3, KYKC 100.1, KCNP 89.5, KXFC 105.5, and KTLS 106.5) are owned by The Chickasaw Nation. ==Notable programs== ==Notable on-air personalities== ...
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See chudo
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