Kacy is a English girl name. The meaning of the name is `Brave` Kacy,Kasie Kacy doesn`t appear In 2007`s top-1000 name list.The last time Kacy appeared In the top-1000 was 18 years ago, In 1990. It ranked #957 In that year. . 1990 was a `top year` for the name Kacy. (Based on 128 years of name history) In that year it ranked #957. The last ti...
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KACY (102.5 FM) is a radio station licensed in Arkansas City, Kansas, USA, broadcasting a classic hits format. The station is owned by Tornado Alley Communications, LLC. ==History== The station went on the air as KLPQ on November 26, 1999. On August 26, 2000, the station changed its call sign to KACY. Previously, the KACY call letters were used in...
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