[TV service] iNES (TV service) is a TV service provided by the iNES group. The iNES group is the largest independently owned telecommunications company in Bucharest, with iNES is the first IPTV service provider in Romania, commencing services in 2005. iNES is also the first network who provided HD TV in Romania, since November 2008. ==Overv...
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Ines is a French girl name. The meaning of the name is `Pure, Lamb` Where is it used? The name Inês is mainly used In Portuguese.How do they say it elsewhere? Inés ( In Spanish) Agnes ( In English, German, Dutch and In Scandinavian) See also In Welsh: Nesta In Swedish: Agneta In Spanish: Inez In Slovene: Neza In Russian: Agnessa In Polish: Agni...
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