Estefanía is a popular Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and broadcast on Venezuela`s Radio Caracas Televisión in 1979. The story idea was conceived by Julio César Marmol and Humberto (Kiko) Olivieri and the plot was based on the government of Marcos Pérez Jiménez. Pierina España and José Luis Rodríguez starred as the main protag....
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Estefania is a Spanish name for girls. The meaning is `crown, leaf string` The name Estefania is most commonly given to American girls. Use for the other sex: Stephen The name sounds like: Estefani, Estephanie Similar names are: Stefania, Stefanie, Stefani, Stefana See also: Stefana, Stefania, Stéphanie, Stephanie, Stephany, Stephania
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