Conjoined Twin

A rare phenomenon in which a pair of identical twins are born with their bodies joined at some point. Many conjoined twins are born stillborn because their particular condition was incompatible with life. Common joining parts include the head, buttocks, hips or back. Surgery to separate conjoined twins can be relatively simple or extremely com...
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Conjoined twin

Conjoined twin: Identical (monozygotic) twins that did not separate fully from one another but are still partially united. Due to the incomplete division of one fertilized ovum. Conjoined twins are popularly known as Siamese twins after Chang and Eng (1811-1874), the celebrated conjoined Chinese twins born in Siam (Thailand). Conjoin comes via Fren...
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conjoined twin

one of a pair of twins who are physically joined and often share some organs. Fusion is typically along the trunk of the body or at the front, side, ... [2 related articles]
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