Bassoon Quintet

[Waterhouse] The Bassoon Quintet (German: Fagott-Quintett) is a quintet by Graham Waterhouse, composed in 2003 for bassoon and string quartet. == History == In 2003 Graham Waterhouse composed the Bassoon Quintet, to be premiered as part of a composer`s portrait concert at the Gasteig. On 5 October 2003 music for one to ten players, conducte...
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Bassoon quintet

A Bassoon quintet is a piece of chamber music for bassoon and four other instruments, normally a string quartet. Quintets for bassoon and string quartet include the Quintet by Graham Waterhouse, compositions by Gordon Jacob and Franz Danzi, and works by Anton Reicha, including his Bassoon quintet and his Variations for bassoon and string quartet. ...
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