Azal tinto

Azal Tinto or Amaral is a variety of red Portuguese wine grape. It is planted in the Minho region where it is used in red Vinho Verde, while the related Azal Branco is used for white Vinho Verde. ==Synonyms== Azal Tinto is also known under the synonyms Amaral, Amaral Preto, Azal, Azal Preto, Cachon, Cainho Miudo, Caino, Caino Bravo, Caino Tinto, S...
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Azal Tinto

The indigenous red grape variety comes from Portugal, where it is grown in the Douro region, Beira Interior and Minho. Synonyms are Amaral, Amaral Preto, Azal, Cainho Bravo, Cainho Miudo, Cainzinho, Chachon Sous
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