Ambiguous Genitalia

A condition in which an infant's gender is not clear because the genitals do not appear to be male or female. During pregnancy, the fetus has tissue that will become ovaries or testicles. The 23rd pair of chromosomes determines which gender the baby will be. A normal female is written as 46,XX and a normal male is written as 46, XY because norm...
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Ambiguous genitalia

Ambiguous genitalia: Genitalia that are neither typically female nor typically male. Also known as intersexual genitalia. Girls (with a 46, XX chromosome constitution) can have virilized genitalia due to excess androgen action. Conversely, the genitalia in boys (with a 46, XY chromosome constitution) can appear undermasculinized or frankly feminize...
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ambiguous genitalia

Type: Term Synonyms: genital ambiguity
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