[song] `Adolescents` is the lead single from Incubus` seventh album, If Not Now, When?. It was posted on the band`s website on April 4, 2011 (a physical release was released 15 days later, April 19). This is their first single in two years following the release of the Prince and The Revolution cover `Let`s Go Crazy` (from the 2009 compilati...
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adolescents 1. People growing up from childhood to adulthood, especially those from about 12 to about 20 years of age; youthful, teenagers, teens, minors, youths: 'Over 70 percent of today`s adolescents are expected to finish highschool.' 2. For teenagers, immature, sophomoric, puerile, juveniles: 'The presentations of many movies about life is pr...
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