ab urbe condita

ab urbe condita A.U.C., from [since] the founding of the city [Rome], c. 753 B.C.). The Romans used this date as the starting point for calculating an era. Ab urbe condita is also presented as Anno urbis conditae, “In the year of the founding of the city” which is also abbreviated A.U.C.
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Ab urbe condita

anno urbis conditae; A.U.C., Ab urbe condita From the founding of the city [Rome]. The traditional date for the founding of Rome is 753 B.C.
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Ab Urbe Condita

Ab urbe condita is Latin for from the foundation of the city
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Ab urbe condita

Ab urbe condita (related to Anno Urbis Conditae: AUC or a.u.c. or a.u.) is a Latin phrase meaning `from the founding of the City (Rome)`, traditionally dated to 753 BC. AUC is a year-numbering system used by some ancient Roman historians to identify particular Roman years. Renaissance editors sometimes added AUC to Roman manuscripts they publish.....
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