Ab urbe condita

Ab urbe condita (related to Anno Urbis Conditae: AUC or a.u.c. or a.u.) is a Latin phrase meaning `from the founding of the City (Rome)`, traditionally dated to 753 BC. AUC is a year-numbering system used by some ancient Roman historians to identify particular Roman years. Renaissance editors sometimes added AUC to Roman manuscripts they publish.....
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ab urbe condita

ab urbe condita A.U.C., from [since] the founding of the city [Rome], c. 753 B.C.). The Romans used this date as the starting point for calculating an era. Ab urbe condita is also presented as Anno urbis conditae, `In the year of the founding of the city” which is also abbreviated A.U.C.
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Ab Urbe Condita

Ab urbe condita is Latin for from the foundation of the city
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Ab urbe condita

anno urbis conditae; A.U.C., Ab urbe condita From the founding of the city [Rome]. The traditional date for the founding of Rome is 753 B.C.
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