Aaron augenblick

The upper reaches of the Amazon River of western South America. In Peru, the Upper Amazon comprises a series of major river systems that flow north and south into the Marañón and Amazon Rivers. Among others, these include the following: Morona, Pastaza, Nucuray, Urituyacu, Chambira, Tigre, Nanay, Napo, Huallaga, and Ucayali. Originating in the s...
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Aaron Augenblick

Aaron Augenblick is a cartoon animator from the United States of America currently involved, among other things, in `Ugly Americans`, a series on Comedy Central. ==Biography== Augenblick grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, and studied at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. While at college, Augenblick created two animated short films .....
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