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Superglossary - Painting
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Date & country: 27/12/2013, US
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Color Uniformity
Ability of a coating to maintain a uniform or consistent color across its entire surface, particular

Concentrated color that can be added to paints to make a specific color.

Fade resistant.

Colour Temperature
Colours are warm, hot or cold in appearance; orange, red, blue. This is true within each category of

Colour Wheel
For details of the colour wheel and other theoretical aspects, see

Complimentary Colours
Red and green; blue and orange; yellow and purple... Colours that are opposite one another. When pla

The arrangement of elements of form and colour within an artwork.

Contact Cement
Completely non-staining cement. Ideal for applying wall paneling and for covering counters, cabinets

Conte Crayon
Introduced by Nicholas Jacques Conte, they are sticks of compressed compound of binder and pigments;

Copper Staining
Usually caused by corrosion of copper screens, gutters or downspouts washing down on painted surface

Coquille Board
An illustration board intended for the commercial artist. The working face has a shallow dotted, sti

Corrosion Inhibitor
Any material applied in order to prevent the rusting of metals.

The area over which a given amount of paint will spread and hide the previous surface. (Usually expr

The type of paint failure characterized by breaks in irregular lines wide enough to expose the under

Varnish defect in which poor adhesion of varnish to surface in some spots causes it to gather up in

Small, interlacing cracks on surface of finish.

A type of liquid coating made from coal tar that is used as a wood preservative. It should not be us

A pattern that appears on paint due to the inability of the paint to bond to the surface below.

A technique for making depths of tone in pen and ink and pencil drawings, also in etching and engrav

Said to have evolved through a chance remark of Cezanne that all nature consisted of the cone, the c

Final conversion or drying or a coating material.

Custom Color
Special colors made by adding colorant to paint or by intermixing colors, which permits the retailer

Cutting In
Painting a surface next to another surface that must not be painted. For example, painting the frame

The tapered rough edges of watercolor and drawing papers, also referred to as 'barbs'.

Any material used for removing oils or grease from a substrate.

The planned composition of a work of art.

Any liquid that will dilute or thin a substance, as opposed to dissolving it.

Treatment of furniture, usually in the process of being antiqued, in order to make it appear older t

The act of marking lines on a surface, and the product of such action. Includes pencil, charcoal, pe

A rectangular frame crossed with wires or threads to form squares, which the artist sets up between

Substances that are added to oil-paints to hasten the drying. The idea is, if possible, to make all

Dry Brush
Any textured application of paint where your brush is fairly dry (thin or thick paint) and you rely

Dry Dust Free
That stage of drying when particles of dust that settle upon the surface do not stick to the paint f

Dry Tack Free
That stage of drying when the paint no longer feels sticky or tacky when lightly touched.

Dry To Handle
That stage of drying when a paint film has hardened sufficiently so the object or surface painted ma

Dry To Recoat
That stage of drying when the next coat can be applied.

Dry To Sand
That stage of drying when a paint film can be sanded without the sandpaper sticking or clogging.

The ability of paint to last or hold up well against the destructive agents such as weather, sunligh

A colored material used just to dye or change color with little or no hiding of the underlying surfa

An occasional additive to some lake colours to improve their flow, an idea of the the late 17th cent

A wooden or metal stand for holding a canvas, a panel or a drawing-board. It may range from a small,

In oil-painting it signifies the first underpainting. It should be low in oil content to enable subs

Ebony Pencil
A drawing pencil that features a thick core of graphite formulated to be very black and smooth. Capa

A needle that has had its point bevelled to an oval facet that can be used in etching and engraving.

A deposit of salts that remain on the surface of masonry, brick or plaster when water has evaporated

An interior paint that has a silk-like appearance.

Eggshell Finish
The degree of gloss between a flat and gloss finish.

The ability of paint or sealant to expand and contract with the substrate without suffering damage o

Emulsion Paint
Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier as in latex pai

A colored varnish or high gloss paint that is dirt resistant. Often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

One of the oldest methods of painting, being practised from at least 3000 BC. Some of the finest exi

Clear finish having excellent adhesion qualities; extremely abrasion and chemical resistant. Epoxies

The wearing away of a paint film caused by exposure to the weather.

Surface preparation by chemical means to improve the adhesion of coating.

Inexpensive and inert pigment added to paint for bulk and to lower costs.

The outside surfaces of a structure.

A lightening of paint or stain due to exposure to light, heat or weather.

Fashion Board
A heavy laminated card with a white quality paper face that may be finished rough, 'not' or hot pres

Rich in oil content.

Feather Sanding
Tapering the edge of dried paint film with sandpaper.

Blending a small area into the surrounding paint or stain.

The metal cylinder that surrounds and encloses the hairs on a brush. Customarily made of nickel or n

A human or animal form.

Any compound used to fill large cracks in walls that can be sanded when dried.

Filler Strips
Strips made from specially treated wood, metal. Fiber or plastic in the center of a paintbrush, crea

Layer or coat of paint or other finish.

Finish Coat
Last coat of paint or other finish.

(also spelt 'fixative' ) A thin varnish of watery consistency, used to keep drawings from smudging.

A liquid, that may be shellac in methylated spirits or synthetic cellulose solution, that is intende

A form of paint failure characterized by the detachment of small pieces of the film from the surface

Flash Point
The temperature at which a coating or solvent will ignite.

A paint surface that scatters or absorbs the light falling on it so as to be substantially free from

Flat Applicator
A rectangular shaped flat pad with an attached handle that is used to paint shingles, shakes and oth

Flat Color
Any area of a painting that has an unbroken single hue and value.

Flat Wash
Any area of a painting where a wash of single colour and value is painted in a series of multiple, o

Ability of a coating to expand and contract during temperature changes.

Separation of pigment colors on the surface of applied paint.

The ability of a coating to level out and spread into a smooth film, paints that have a good flow us

The area of a painting closest to the viewer. In a landscape this would include the area from the vi

The technique of representing a three dimensional image in two dimensions using the laws of perspect

Broadly speaking, the way a picture welds together; in a narrow sense, it is the way a shape has bee

The development of patterns of brown or yellow splotches (stains) on old paper. Caused by a type of

An art started by Minoan and other early civilizations. In antiquity they had the idea of painting f

The process of making rubbings rhrough paper of objects or textures underneath. Brass-rubbing is fro

Thin transparent or semi-transparent glazes rubbed into the ground in the intitial phases of an oil

Fugitive Colors
The pigments in the 'fugitive' class of paints have the unfortunate characteristic of looking beauti

An agent the helps prevent mold or mildew growth on paint.

A now defunct movement associated with Italian Fascism. A term often erroneously applied to anything

A thin coating of zinc that covers iron or steel to prevent rust.

A category of artistic work marked by a particular specified form, technique, or content.

In the broad sense it is a mixture of a plaster or like substance and a glue. Its purpose was to pre

Gestalt theory states that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating effective design

Editioned prints made with high resolution ink jet printers using pigmented inks and archival, artis

The support for back painting. It is important that it should be reasonably stout; plate glass is be

Applied to painting media, the term glazing means the laying of a transparent colour over previously

Glazed Wash
Any transparent wash of color laid over a dry, previously painted area. Used to adjust color, value,

Glazing Compound
Putty used to set glass in window frames and to fill nail holes and cracks.

The luster or shininess of paints and coatings are generally classified as flat, semi-gloss, or glos

Gloss Meter
A standard scale for measuring the shininess or light reflectance of paint. Different brands with th

Gold Ground
Many of the painters of the 15th and 16th centuries used grounds either covered or partially covered