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Superglossary - Massage
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Date & country: 18/12/2013, US
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Developed by Reiki Master Ethel Lombardi, the expression mariel refers to a transformational healing

The manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function of those tissues and promot

Massage Modality Or Technique
A kind of massage, such as Swedish, deep tissue or myofascial release.

Massage Therapist
A person who practices therapeutic massage. In many US states, massage therapists can be licensed af

Massage Therapy
Massage or massage therapy are systems of structured palpation or movement of the soft tissue of the

Another term meaning therapeutic muscle massage.

Maya Abdominal Massage
Maya Abdominal Massage is a noninvasive, external, massage technique. It guides internal abdominal o

Mechanical Link
Mechanical link is a system of evaluation that allows practitioners to locate and release primary re

Medical History
In clinical medicine, the patient's past and present which may contain clues bearing on their health

Medical Massage
The application of massage techniques to treat specific physical conditions, sometimes by diagnosis

Medical Massage
Performing medical massage requires a firm background in pathology and utilizes specific treatments

The invisible channels of energy flow in the body according to Asian medical systems.

Middendorf Breathwork
Through a series of spontaneous movement exercises, participants use basic sensing, focusing, vocali

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Relaxation techniques, meditation, and easy stretching exercises are combined to allow the client to

Movement Therapy
A variety of techniques that utilize movement reeducation and proper body mechanics in combination w

Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts
Multi-Dimensional Movement Arts (MDMA), water version, is the art of using movement in the medium of

Muscle is the tissue of the body which primarily functions as a source of power. There are three typ

Muscle Energy Technique
Muscle energy is a direct, noninvasive manual therapy used to normalize joint dysfunction and increa

Muscle Release Technique
This technique combines compression, extension, movement, and breath to give therapists a tool to pr

Muscle Testing
Muscle testing involves finding a muscle that is unbalanced and then attempting to determine why tha

Myofascial Release
Myofascial release is the three-dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
Based on the discoveries of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons in which they found the causal relat

Myomassology is an integration of techniques including basic Swedish massage, aromatherapy, reflexol

Myopathic Muscular Therapy
Myopathy is a system of muscular manipulation designed to accomplish relaxation in muscles in which

Myopractic Muscle Therapy
Robert Petteway developed the Myopractic system after thirty years in the healing arts. His experien

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique
A holistic approach to relief of back and neck pain based on concepts and principles from Rolfing, o

A method that applies concentrated finger pressure to trigger points to break cycles of spasm and pa

With influences from osteopathy and chiropractic, this system of treatment uses soft-tissue manipula

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
The NIH is an important U.S. health agency. It is devoted to medical research. Administratively unde

Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathy integrates a wide range of natural therapeutics emphasizing the healing power of nature

Neural Kinesiology
This technique is a holistic healing system that utilizes the best of American kinesiology and Europ

Neuro-Structural Bodywork
Neuro-Structural Bodywork (NSB) is a somatic therapy that combines a variety of techniques, includin

Neuromuscular Integrative Action
Neuromuscular integrative action (NIA) is an expressive fitness and awareness movement program and a

Neuromuscular Reprogramming
Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR) uses muscle testing to assess dysfunctions of the coordination sys

Neuromuscular Therapy
This comprehensive program of soft-tissue manipulation balances the body

Stands for National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, one of the Nationa

Nikkon Restorative Massage
Nikkon Restorative Massage was developed by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki in Hawaii in the 1920s.

Nuat Thai
This form of traditional Thai medical massage originated in the Vajrayana Yogic medicine of Tibet. T

1) A person trained, licensed, or skilled in nursing. 2) To feed an infant at the breast.

1) Profession concerned with the provision of services essential to the maintenance and restoration

Ohashiatsu is a method of bodywork offering both giver and receiver a complete experience of self-de

Okazaki Long-Life Massage
These two practices form an integral part of traditional martial arts training that emphasizes a con

Okazaki Restorative Massage
Nikkon Restorative Massage was developed by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki in Hawaii in the 1920s.

On-Site Massage
A type of massage administered while the client is clothed and seated in a specially-designed chair.

Oncology Massage
Oncology massage refers to massage tailored to the needs of individuals with cancer. This specialize

One Light Healing Touch
One Light Healing Touch focuses on clearing blockages and rebalancing the human energy field by usin

Onsen Technique
Onsen is a Japanese word meaning at rest or at peace. It is a state of mind, but can also be a state

Ortho-Bionomy was developed by the British osteopath Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls in the 1970s and has s

Orthopedic Massage
Combining some elements of sports and medical massage, orthopedic massage integrates ten modalities

A type of arthritis caused by inflammation, breakdown, and eventual loss of cartilage in the joints.

This therapy utilizes dialogue, coached breathing, and applying qigong from one side of the body thr

Osteopathic Medicine
This system of comprehensive medical care goes beyond conventional medical philosophy to include an

Thinning of the bones with reduction in bone mass due to depletion of calcium and bone protein . Ost

A colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that makes up about 20% of the air we breathe (and at least

An unpleasant sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony. Pain has both physi

Parasympathetic Nervous System
A part of nervous system that serves to slow the heart rate, increase the intestinal and gland activ

The squeezing, rolling and kneading of the muscles that usually follows effleurage during Swedish ma

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle
Deep, cross-fiber technique that uses the thumbs and fingers as the primary tools.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy
This technique utilizes deep cross-fiber strokes applied with the thumbs and fingers. Developed by T

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
This therapy involves a fusion of hatha yoga, bodywork, and psychotherapy. It is holistic art based

Energy work designed to address the total person, Physiohelanics uses the body

The study of how living organisms function including such processes as nutrition, movement, and repr

This technique utilizes massage, mud packs, wraps, baths, water, and steam therapies, and/or inhalat

Pilates Method
Pilates is a series of movements, done from a sitting, reclining, kneeling, or standing position, de

Point Holding
This acupressure technique requires several practitioners to apply pressure to specific acupoints fo

Polarity Therapy
Polarity therapy is based on universal principles of energy--attraction, repulsion, and neutrality.

Postural Integration
Postural integration and energetic integration were developed by Jack Painter in the late 1960s and

Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is a new science of bioenergetic healing. Developed in the Philippines by Master Choa

The state of carrying a developing embryo or fetus within the female body. This condition can be ind

Pregnancy Massage
Performed by a trained perinatal specialist, many methods of massage and somatic therapies are both

Pregnancy Massage
Various touch-therapy techniques used to alleviate the strain and discomfort of pregnancy.

Process Acupressure
This integrated therapy combines traditional acupressure with Zero Balancing techniques and psycholo

Push Therapy
PUSH Therapy was specifically designed to eliminate pain originating from chronic tension. Therapist

This traditional Chinese treatment combines hands-on and hands-off techniques that balance the flow

Qigong Meridian Therapy
Qigong Meridian Therapy (QMT) is a natural healing system. It is derived from traditional Chinese me

Quantum Energetics
Quantum energetics is a subtle, gentle healing method that works with the energy body to allow disru

This hands-on healing method offers spontaneous adjusting of proper alignment of the body. Principle

Radiance Technique
This technique is a science of universal energy, taught in seminars by authorized instructors throug

1. Rays of energy. Gamma rays and X-rays are two of the types of energy waves often used in medicine

Radix, also referred to as Radix neo-Reichian education, is an instructional method designed to teac

Raindrop Technique
Originated by D. Gary Young, raindrop technique is a noninvasive tool for helping to correct defects

Rayid Method
The rayid method was formed by results of research on the meaning of the formations in the iris of t

Loosely based on a conglomerate of modalities, rebalancing combines energy balancing, joint release,

Reflective Healing
Reflective healing is a form of energy healing in which the therapist uses a combination of guided i

Reflexognosy is the application of appropriate pressure to the leg and feet, by the hands of a train

Based on an ancient Chinese therapy, reflexology involves manipulation of specific reflex areas in t

Reichian Release
This technique utilizes manipulation of the musculo-skeletal system to release emotional blockages f

Energetic healing system that utilizes gentle hand placements and channels healing energies through

Reiki Healing
Reiki healing is a hands-on energy healing art. It was originated in Japan in the early 20th century

Reiki-alchemia utilizes keys of different geometric shapes to trigger states of consciousness that a

Reposturing Dynamics
Reposturing dynamics is a system of stretches and massage techniques designed to restore balance and

Resonant Kinesiology
Resonant kinesiology is a meditative form of educational bodywork. A resonant kinesiologist teaches

1. Repose. Relaxation. 2. A fragment of embryonic tissue that has been retained after the period of

Restoration Therapy
Restoration therapy has been practiced in Japan for more than fifteen hundred years and has proven s

A subspecialty of internal medicine that involves the non-surgical evaluation and treatment of the r

Ro-Hun Transformation Therapy
This is a form of energy healing in which the therapist manipulates the client

Also called Structural Integration, this method strives for realignment of the body

Rolfing Structural Integration
A method to reorder the major body segments, Rolfing was founded by American biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf

Rosen Method
Direct, gentle touch; focus on client breathing, relaxation response and verbal cues, to help the cl

Rosen Method Bodywork
Using gentle, nonintrusive touch, Rosen Method works with held muscles to bring about physical and e