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Superglossary - Massage
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Date & country: 18/12/2013, US
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This is a system of self-massage promoted most recently by Michio Kushi. More than five thousand yea

Dynamic Spinal Therapy
Dynamic spinal therapy was developed by Rolf Ott in Rapperswil, Switzerland, in the 1980s. The techn

Earth Energy Healing
Similar to reiki, as it is the channeling of energy and entails laying on of the hands.

A smooth, gliding stroke, generally used in a Swedish massage, using both hands to relax soft tissue

Emf Balancing Technique
In an hour-long session, clients experience their own electromagnetic field (EMF) and the patterns w

Endermologie utilizes a computerized machine that massages tissues under suction to improve blood fl

Energetic Integration
Postural integration and energetic integration were developed by Jack Painter in the late 1960s and

Energy Flow Balancing
This gentle treatment assists clients in balancing their energy flow. Therapists hold a space for cl

The sum of the total of the elements, factors and conditions in the surroundings which may have an i

Equine Massage
The practice of soft-tissue manipulation applied to horses. See animal massage.

Esalen Massage
Developed in the 1960s at Esalen Institute on the California Coast, this approach melded classic Swe

Esoteric Healing
This is a healing through the energy field, which flows through and around us, and chakras, or cente

Eucapnic Breath Retraining
A technique of guided breathing exercises and training used by somatic therapists in combination wit

Derived from eu, meaning good, and tonus meaning tone or tension, eutony was developed by Gerda Alex

Starface Exerssage is a facial yoga, slow motion movement, and self-massage technique integrated wit

Family Physician
A physician who is educated and trained in family practice.

Fascial Mobilization
The fascial system is one continuous, laminated, connective-tissue sheath that spreads without inter

The plural of foot, both an anatomic structure and a unit of measure.

Feldenkrais Method
Developed by Russian-born Israeli educator Moshe Feldenkrais, this method establishes new connection

Feng Shui
Feng shui (translated as

Although a fever technically is any body temperature above the normal of 98.6 degrees F. (37 degrees

Five-Element Shiatsu
This technique is based on classical Chinese medicine

Flotation Repatterning
This aquatic treatment is performed in water heated to body temperature. The therapist and the clien

Foot Zone Therapy
Foot zone therapy is based on the premise that energy flows through the body in meridians from the b

Four-Hand Massage
This therapy requires two practitioners to simultaneously massage the client

A break in bone or cartilage. Although usually the result of trauma, a fracture can be caused by an

The deepest of Swedish massage strokes, it encompasses deep, circular movements applied to soft tiss

Geriatric Massage
Geriatric massage, with its focus on the elderly, addresses the psychological and physiological aspe

Grinberg Method
The Grinberg Method is a systematic educational method that teaches people to mobilize their own str

Gua Sha
Used in China for more than two thousand years, gua sha means to scrape toxins. A method of promotin

Guided Imagery
Also known as visualization, guided imagery is a relaxation system utilizing imagination and thought

A system designed to exercise the musculature while mobilizing and articulating the joints. Gyrotoni

Body-centered psychotherapy utilizing physical and psychological probes to evoke emotional and body

Hakomi Integrative Somatics
Using hands-on bodywork, body awareness, and movement, hakomi integrative somatics enables people to

Hakomi Therapy
A body-centered psychotherapy, hakomi was started in the mid-1970s by American Ron Kurtz. Hakomi use

Hanna Somatic Education
This system of sensory-awareness and neuromuscular education makes it possible for a participant to

The source of health, vitality, and power, the hara is the physical center of the body. Bounded by t

Healing Sounds
This practice uses sound to create balance and alignment in the physical body, the energy centers (c

Healing Touch
Developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing. He

Healing Touch For Animals
Developed by Carol Komitor and adapted from the Healing Touch program, Healing Touch for Animals (HT

The muscle that pumps blood received from veins into arteries throughout the body. It is positioned

Heart Rate
The number of heart beats per unit time, usually per minute. The heart rate is based on the number o

Movement education and deep-tissue bodywork are the major components of Hellerwork, named for founde

Focuses on the structural integration of body alignment with gravity.

Hemme Approach
Developed by Dave Leflet, HEMME is a soft-tissue therapy designed for practitioners in a clinical se

Holistic Medicine
Holistic medicine recognizes that the mind, spirit, lifestyle, environment, and other aspects of a p

Holographic Memory Release
This subtle technique, developed by Charles Daily, DC, allows the Holistic Memory Release (HMR) prac

Holographic Nature Of Healing
The holographic nature of healing is a year-long training program that combines hands-on energy work

Holotropic Breathwork
Developed by Dr. Stanislov Grof, a psychiatrist working with people in uncommon states of consciousn

Alternative healing method developed into a system by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s, and based

Hoshino Therapy
Developed by Japanese-born, Argentine immigrant Tomezo Hoshino, Hoshino Therapy was declared an offi

Hot Stone
a massage technique, used in conjunction with other modalities, in which warmed stones are placed on

Huma Transpersonal Bodywork
A method of bodywork that integrates subtle, articulate touch and verbal communication by combining

Human Energy Dynamics
This therapy, though similar to reiki, uses the English language instead of symbols. It involves set

Huna Kane
This Hawaiian technique espouses that emotions and experiences are trapped in the fibers of each mus

Although ancient Greece and Rome both adopted the beliefs that water had healing properties, it was

Infant Massage
Various gentle touch-therapy methods for infants, performed by parents.

Infant Massage Instruction
Qualified instructors teach parents how to properly massage their infants. Infant massage is also ut

The growth of a parasitic organism within the body. (A parasitic organism is one that lives on or in

A basic way in which the body reacts to infection , irritation or other injury, the key feature bein

Ingham Method
The Ingham Method is a form of zone therapy or reflexology. In the 1930s, Eunice Ingham, a physiothe

Harm or hurt. The term 'injury' may be applied in medicine to damage inflicted upon oneself as in a

Insight Bodywork
Insight Bodywork, developed by Konda

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing
Integrated Kabbalistic Healing is a system of energy healing, developed by Jason Shulman, based on t

Integrated-Eclectic Massage
This practice indicates a combination of various massage, bodywork, and somatic therapy techniques u

Integrative Manual Therapy
This therapy recognizes that each person is more than the total components of anatomy, physics, and

Integrative Medicine
Alternative and conventional (allopathic) methodologies are combined to stimulate the person

Interactive Guided Imagery
An effective set of tools that can be used to mobilize the latent, innate healing abilities of clien

Internal Medicine
A medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults. A physician who spec

Intuitive Work
Intuitive work is a way of incorporating the perceived and received information that extends beyond

Iridology is a diagnostic science in which the study of markings in specific areas of the iris are u

Isometric Muscle Balancing
Developed by Charlotte Vandergrift, Isometric Muscle Balancing is based on the muscle testing positi

Jamu Massage
Jamu massage is a Balinese-inspired modality based on Indian, Chinese, and European techniques invol

Japanese Restoration Therapy
These two practices form an integral part of traditional martial arts training that emphasizes a con

Jin Shin Do
Developed by psychotherapist Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, Jin Shin Do combines gentle, yet deep, finger p

Jin Shin Jyutsu
Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. Born

Kentro body balance is a technique of gentle centering and balancing movements that stretch, exercis

Kinetic Awareness
Developed by dancer/choreographer Elaine Summers, kinetic awareness is a system of bodywork that aim

The squeezing, rolling and kneading of the muscles that usually follows effleurage during Swedish ma

Korean Martial Therapy
This is a deep-tissue modality that includes massage strokes, body movement, stretches, pressure poi

Kripalu Bodywork
The Kripalu bodyworker guides the client into a state of deep relaxation and meditation for the purp

Kriya Massage
Kriya is defined as spontaneous energy movement. Kriya Massage, developed by Kamala Renner in 1970,

Kundalini Energization
This is a form of healing energy in which the objective is to raise the client

Childbirth, the aptly-named experience of delivering the baby and placenta from the uterus to the va

Lastone Therapy
Stones of all shapes and sizes and varying temperatures, ranging from zero to 140 degrees, are used

Laying On Of Hands
In alternative medicine, an ancient method of healing by touching a person with the hands or palms,

Lenair Technique
This energy medicine therapy abates addictions, compulsions, fears, phobias, and stress-related prob

Lifestream Massage Technique
This method of bodywork was developed to fulfill a need for the busy massage therapist, especially t

Lomi Lomi
An ancient and still-popular Hawaiian massage technique that utilizes the elbows and forearms and lo

This system of massage utilizes very large, broad movements. Two-handed, forearm, and elbow applicat

Looyen Work
Developed by Ted Looyen, this technique is a painless approach to deep-tissue therapy, working with

An almost colorless fluid that travels through vessels called lymphatics in the lymphatic system and

Lymph Drainage Therapy
Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) is unique in that healthcare professionals learn how to palpate the lym

1. One of the lymphatics, vessel that convey the lymph fluid. 2. Pertaining to the lymph, lymphoid t

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
A hands-on method for lymphatic drainage involving flat hands, utilizing all of the fingers to stimu

Developed by Charles W. Wiltsie III, lypossage is a combination of manual deep-tissue massage, lymph

Macrobiotic Shiatsu
This is a combination of macrobiotic diet, philosophy, and shiatsu. Macrobiotic shiatsu makes use of

Magnet Therapy
The therapeutic use of magnets may be older than acupuncture, originally involving a material called

Manual Lymph Drainage
The strokes applied in manual lymph drainage are intended to stimulate the movement of the lymphatic

Manual Lymph Drainage
Aims to create greater mobility of the lymph fluids through gentle stroking of the lymph channels an