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Superglossary - Dentistry
Category: Health and Medicine > Dentistry
Date & country: 17/12/2013, US
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Universal Subperiosteal Implant
A full arch subperiosteal implant which circum-vents the remaining teeth.

Urgent Care
When prompt medical attention is needed in a non-emergency situation, that's called 'urgent' care. E

Usual Customary Or Reasonable (UCR)
The amount reimbursed to providers based on the prevailing fees in a specific area.

An artificial filling material, usually plastic, composite, or porcelain, that is used to provide an

Vertical Endosteal Implant
Root-shaped implant which derive their support from a vertical length of bone. Implants are in the f

Waiting Period
In order to become eligible for coverage under the policy, an employee must satisfy a certain number

Waiver Of Premium
When an individual becomes disabled and eligible for benefits, no further disability premium payment

Transplants from one species to another.

The area formed by the union of the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic process of the temporal and max