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Superglossary - Dentistry
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Date & country: 17/12/2013, US
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A naturally occurring or synthetic substance consisting of giant molecules formed from smaller molec

Polymer Tooth
'Replica Tooth' Polyhydroxylethy1methacrylate (PMMA) alone or in combination with other polymers use

An artificial tooth used in a bridge to replace a missing tooth.

Pre-Disability Earnings
This is the amount of an employee's wages or salary that was in effect and covered by the plan on th

Pre-Existing Condition
A health condition (other than a pregnancy) or medical problem that was diagnosed or treated before

Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
When an employee has a physical or mental condition that existed prior to the effective date of his

Pre-Tax Account
An account in which contributions are subtracted from an employee's pay before withholding income ta

The process of obtaining certification from the health plan for routine hospital stays or outpatient

Another name for bicuspid.

Prescription Drug
A drug that has been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration which can only be dispense

Preventive Care
Medical and dental services aimed at early detection and intervention.

Preventive Dentistry
Education and treatment devoted to and concerned with preventing the development of dental disease.

Preventive Treatment
Any action taken by the patient, assisted by the dentist, hygienist, and the office staff that serve

Primary Care
The basic, comprehensive, routine level of health care typically provided by a person's general or f

Primary Care Physician (PCP)
A physician, usually a family or general practitioner, internist or pediatrician, who provides a bro

Primary Teeth
The first set of teeth that humans get, lasting until the permanent teeth come in. Also referred to

The scaling and polishing procedure performed to remove calculus, plaque, and stains from the crowns

Prosthetic Devices
A device that replaces all or a part of the human body because a part of the body is permanently dam

The dental specialty dealing with the replacement of missing teeth and other oral structures.

A licensed health care facility, program, agency, physician or health professional that delivers hea

Provider Directory
Provider directories are listings of providers who have contracted with a managed care network to pr

Provider Network
A panel of providers contracted by a health plan to deliver medical services to the enrollees.

Pterygoid Notch
This notch is located at the pyramidal process of the palatine bone between the pterygoid processes

The hollow chamber inside the crown of the tooth that contains its nerves and blood vessels.

Removal of the entire pulp from the canals in the root.

An often painful inflammation of the dental pulp or nerve.

The removal of a portion of the tooth's pulp.

The dental term for the division of the jaws into four parts, beginning at the midline of the arch a

Ramus Frame
Full arch implant of tripodial design which consists of a horizontal supragingival connecting bar wi

Ramus Implant
Refer to Horizontal Endosteal Implant

The process of refitting a denture by replacing the base material.

Receded Gums
A condition characterized by the abnormal loss of gum tissue due to infection or bone loss.

Receptor Site Former
A duplicate form of a root shaped or blade shaped body of an implant. Designed to form an osseous im

Receptor Sites
Areas in bone or soft tissue which are prepared to receive an implant.

Recurrent Disability
The recurrent disability provision is designed to protect an employee who tries to return to work bu

When a dental patient from one office is sent to another dentist, usually a specialist, for treatmen

Rehabilitation means the restoration of or improvement in an employee's health and ability to perfor

Act of reinserting a tooth into the alveolar socket from which it had been avulsed.

The process of resurfacing the tissue side of a denture with a base material.

The return of a tooth to its socket.

Residual Benefits
Residual benefits can help make up the difference in income if an employee is able to work, but limi

Residual Ridge
A remnant of the alveolar process and soft tissue covering after teeth are removed.

The breakdown and assimilation of the bone that supports the tooth, i.e., bone loss.

Resorption (Of Bone)
A loss of bone substances by physiologic or pathologic means is considered associated with the natur

Any material or devise used to replace lost tooth structure (filling, crown) or to replace a lost to

A removable dental appliance, usually used in orthodontics, that maintains space between teeth or ho

Retrograde Filling
A method of sealing the root canal by preparing and filling it from the root tip, generally done at

Return To Work Provision
To encourage employees to return to work as soon as they become physically able, an additional incen

Ridge (Alveolar)
The alveolar process and its soft tissue covering that remain after the teeth are removed.

Ridge Crest
The highest continuous surface of the alveolar ridge.

The part of the tooth below the crown, normally encased in the jawbone. It is made up of dentin, inc

Root Canal
The hollow part of the tooth's root. It runs from the tip of the root into the pulp.

Root Canal Therapy
The process of treating disease or inflammation of the pulp or root canal. This involves removing th

Root Planing
The process of scaling and planing exposed root surfaces to remove all calculus, plaque, and infecte

A procedure used to remove plaque, calculus and stains from the teeth.

Screw Implant
Refer to Vertical Implant

A composite material used to seal the decay-prone pits, fissures, and grooves of children's teeth to

Second Stage Surgery
In relation to die subperiosteal implant, this refers to die reopening of the tissue, placement of t

Second Surgical Opinion
A CIGNA HealthCare program an employer may purchase in connection with some CIGNA HealthCare benefit

Service Area
The geographical area covered by a network of health care providers.

Single Crystal Sapphire
A material for implantation composed of a single crystalline alpha aluminum oxide which is identical

Six-Year Molar
The first permanent tooth to erupt, usually between the ages of five and six.

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
A licensed facility that provides nursing care and related services for patients who do not require

The hole in the jawbone into which the tooth fits.

Space Maintainer
A dental appliance that fills the space of a lost tooth or teeth and prevents the other teeth from m

Providers whose practices are limited to treating a specific disease (e.g., oncologists), specific p

Speech Therapy
Treatment to correct a speech impairment that resulted from birth or from disease, injury or prior m

Spiral Implant
Refer to Vertical Implant

Staff Model HMO
An HMO where doctors are employed by the health plan and provide care at a health care center facili

Stainless Steel Crown
A pre-made metal crown, shaped like a tooth, that is used to temporarily cover a seriously decayed o

Status Change
A lifestyle event that may cause a person to modify their health benefits coverage category. Example

Sterile Technique
A standard technique in which an aseptic area is established and maintained to a specific conclusion

Complete elimination of microbial viability. Caution must be exercised to insure the preservation or

Normally defined in terms of mechanical tensile stress which is the form divided by the perpendicula

Subgingival Scaling
The removal of calculus and plaque found on the tooth below the gum line.

Submerged Implant
An endosseous implant with a removable head and neck to permit healing and maturation of the osteoto

Submission Date
The date the claim was submitted and/or received by CIGNA HealthCare.

Subperiosteal Implant
A framework specifically fabricated to fit the supporting areas of the mandible or maxilla with perm

The prosthesis that is supported by the substructure with or without an intervening mesostructure.

Supra Gingival Scaling
The removal of calculus and plaque found on the tooth above the gum line.

Suspension Ligament
The ligament arising from a bone surface which surrounds and supports an endosseous or subperiosteal

The immovable dense midline articulation of the right and left halves of the adult mandible.

Relating to the whole body.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
The connecting hinge mechanism between the upper jaw and the base of the skull.

Third Molar
The last of the three molar teeth, also called wisdom teeth. There are four third molars, two in the

Implant An endosteal implant which is placed from the lateral aspect of the alveolar ridge and suppl

A bony elevation or protuberance of normal bone. Usually seen on the upper palate behind the front t

The adverse reactions (dose-response time relationships) of tissues to selected foreign substances r

Transitional Benefits-Plans
When an employer changes insurance carriers, transition plans enable participants already in treatme

This refers to the penetration of both the internal and external cortical plate by a dental implant.

Treatment Plan
A list of the work the dentist proposes to perform on a dental patient based on the results of the d

Trial Inserts
Implant replica to test a receptor site. Modified Intra-Mucosal inserts worn during the healing phas

Tricalcium Phosphate
An inorganic, particular or solid form of relatively biodegradable ceramic, which is used as a scaff

Tuberosity Maxillary
The most distal portal of the maxillary alveolar ridge, that is applicable for implant support.

Tufts Health Plan (THP) Carelink
A program that offers members a comprehensive open access benefit plan with the protection they need

Tunnel Dissection
Through a small incision the periosteum is lifted from the underlying bone in a tunnel fashion. This

Universal Subperiosteal Implant
A full arch subperiosteal implant which circum-vents the remaining teeth.

Urgent Care
When prompt medical attention is needed in a non-emergency situation, that's called 'urgent' care. E

Usual Customary Or Reasonable (UCR)
The amount reimbursed to providers based on the prevailing fees in a specific area.

An artificial filling material, usually plastic, composite, or porcelain, that is used to provide an