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Superglossary - Dentistry
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Date & country: 17/12/2013, US
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Definition Of Disability
One of the most important provisions in a disability contract is the definition of disability that w

Definition Of Total Disability
One of the most important provisions in a disability contract is the definition of disability that w

Chemicals for the purpose of removing organic contaminants from implant surfaces.

(a)Implant Dehiscence, a splitting open, a break in the covering epithelium leaving an isolated area

Delegation is a formal process by which CIGNA HealthCare gives another entity the authority to perfo

Denied Claim
Claims that are not issued a bank draft/remittance due to a specific reason code.

Dental Floss
A thin, nylon string, waxed or untaxed, that is inserted between the teeth to remove food and plaque

Dental Hygienist
A dental professional specializing in cleaning the teeth by removing plaque, calculus, and diseased

Dental Implant
A permucosal device which is biocompatible and biofunctional and is placed on or within the bone ass

The part of the tooth that is under both the enamel which covers the crown and the cemented which co

A removable appliance used to replace teeth. A complete denture replaces all of the upper teeth and/

When local conditions produce an acidic environ- ment at the metallic interface, the metallic oxide

A person eligible for coverage under an employee benefits plan because of that person's relationship

Designated Provider Program (DPP)
A CIGNA point-of-service product. Each member chooses a CIGNA-affiliated PCP, but has the added conv

Diagnostic Tests
Tests and procedures ordered by a physician to help diagnose or monitor a patient's condition or dis

Digastric Muscle
This muscle, detached during staple implant insertion, consists of a posterior belly and anterior be

Direct Pulp Cap
The procedure in which the exposed pulp is covered with a dressing or cement that protects the pulp

Discharge Planning
Identifying a patient's health care needs after discharge from inpatient care

Voluntarily terminating one's participation in a health benefits plan

Dry Socket
A localized inflammation of the tooth socket following an extraction due to infection or loss of a b

Duplicate Coverage
When a person has coverage for the same health services under more than one health benefits plan

Durable Medical Equipment
Equipment that can withstand repeated use and is primarily and usually used to serve a medical purpo

Effective Date
The date on which coverage under a health benefits plan begins.

Provisions contained in each health benefits plan that specify who qualifies for coverage under that

Elimination Period
This is the period of time between the date the disability begins and the beginning of the benefit p

An accident or sudden illness that a person with an average knowledge of medical science believes ne

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
An EAP is an assessment and referral program or a short-term counseling program that is pre-purchase

The hard, calcified (mineralized) portion of the tooth which covers the crown. Enamel is the hardest

Endosteal Implant

Endosteal Implant
A device placed into alveolar and/or basal bone.

An individual who is enrolled and eligible for coverage under a health plan contract. Also called Me

The dental specialty that deals with injuries to or diseases of the pulp, or nerve, of the tooth.

Epithelial Attachment
The continuation of the succular epithelium that is joined to the tooth structure and is located at

Eternal Oblique Ridge
A smooth ridge on the buccal surface of the body of the mandible that extends from the anterior bord

Evidence Of Insurability
Group disability coverage is generally sold as 'guaranteed issue,' which means that evidence of insu

Surgical removal of bone or tissue.

Specific conditions or services that are not covered under the benefit agreement.

There are specific provisions included in group disability plans that preclude coverage in certain s

Exclusive Provider Program (EPP)
A type of CIGNA HealthCare benefits plan, offered by Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, in

The overgrowth of normal bone.

Experimental Procedures
Experimental, investigational or unproven procedures and treatments.

Expiration Date
The date indicated in an insurance contract as the date coverage expires.

Explanation Of Benefits (EOB)
When a claim is filed under your CIGNA benefits plan, you get an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Beca

Extended Care Facility (ECF)
A medical care institution for patients who require long-term custodial or medical care, especially

Extension Of Benefits
When a person's coverage is extended under certain conditions, such as disability, after their group

Extent Of Disability
Some policies require that employees be totally disabled before payments begin. Other policies pay o

The outside of the crown of the tooth.

The removal of a tooth.

The outside of the mouth.

Fibrous Integration
Tissue to Implant Contact

Material used to fill a cavity or replace part of a tooth.

First Stage Surgery
This refers to the preparatory stage for an implant procedure. In the case of the subperio-- steal i

Flexible Benefits Plan
A type of benefits program that offers employees a menu of benefit options, allowing them to create

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
An account that reimburses the participant for qualified health costs or dependent care expenses thr

A chemical compound used to prevent dental decay, utilized in fluoridated water systems and/or appli

A list of preferred, commonly prescribed prescription drugs. These drugs are chosen by a team of doc

Freestanding Implant
An implant which can withstand functional forces without splinting to any additional abutments.

The removal of a frenum.

Muscle fibers covered by a mucous membrane that attaches the cheek, lips and or tongue to associated

Electropotential difference of dissimilar metals which can occur in dental implant metallurgy.

A primary care physician who provides a broad range of routine medical services and refers patients

Generic Drug
A prescription drug that has the same active-ingredient formula as a brand-name drug. A generic drug

Genial Tubercles
Mental spines - Small round elevations (usually two pairs) clustered around the midline on the lingu

The soft tissue that covers the jawbone. Also referred to as the gums.

The removal of gingiva (gum).

An inflammation or infection of the gingiva (gum tissue)

A surgical procedure to reshape or repair the gingiva (gum).

A portion of tissue used to replace a defect in the body. Anything that is inserted into some- thing

Group Health Coverage
A health benefits plan that covers a group of people as permitted by state and federal law.

Guest Privileges
A CIGNA HealthCare benefits option that, under certain circumstances, can provide an in-network leve

Health Alliance Plan (HAP)
CIGNA HealthCare and Health Alliance Plan (HAP) are working together to provide quality care to CIGN

Health Maintenance Services
Any health care service or program that helps maintain a person's good health. Health maintenance se

Health Plan
A term that has different meanings depending upon the context. 'Health plan' can be used to mean an

Health Savings Account (HSA)
A reimbursement account in which the participant pays for health costs through a fully insured, tax-

A graft taken from one species and placed in another.

Home Health Care
Health services rendered in the home to an individual who is confined to the home. Such services are

A graft taken from one human subject and trans-- planted to another.

Horizontal Endosteal Implant
Flat, blade-shaped implants of varying thickness which derive their support from a horizontal length

A health care facility that provides supportive care for the terminally ill.

An institution whose primary function is to provide diagnostic and therapeutic inpatient services, f

Hydroxylapatite Ceramic
This is a dense, non-resorpable ceramic, which when implanted into bane, displays a highly attractiv

The abnormal multiplication or increase in the number of normal calls in normal arrangement in a tis

An increase in bulk of tissue beyond normal caused by an increase in size but not number of tissue e

Hypoplasia Implant
Defective or incomplete development. See Oral Implant

ID Card
Identification cards are provided to all participants for proper identification under their group he

Immediate Denture
A denture constructed for immediate placement after removal of the remaining teeth.

Impacted Tooth
An unerupted or partially erupted tooth that is positioned against another tooth, bone or soft tissu

An alteration of health status, assessed by objective medical criteria. This is a medical finding.

An artificial device, usually made of a metal alloy or ceramic material, that is implanted within th

Implant Dentist
One who practices art and science of implant dentistry.

Implant Dentistry
That area of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, design and insertion of implant devices and res

Implant Denture
A denture which receives its stability and retention from a dental implant.

Implant Interface
Tissue to Implant Contact

Implant Prosthodontics
That portion of implant dentistry that concerns itself with the construction and placement of fixed

Implant Surgery
That portion of implant dentistry that concerns itself with the placement of implant devices.

One who practices art and science of implant dentistry.

The study of the art and science concerned with the surgical insertion and restoration of materials

In-Network Provider
Any health care provider (physician, hospital, etc.) that belongs to a CIGNA network. Staying in-net

An opportunity for a plan member to earn points toward prizes or extra dollars in the CIGNA Choice F

Indemnity Plan
A type of health benefits plan under which the covered person pays 100% of all covered charges up to