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Superglossary - HR
Category: Management > Human Resources
Date & country: 16/12/2013, US
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Relocation Assistance
A type of benefit offered to employees who accept work assignments in new locations. Typically takes

Remedial Counseling
A type of employee counseling used to correct performance or behavior-related issues.

Remedial Training
Describes a method of teaching intended to help people who have basic skills deficiencies, such read

A strategy designed to conquer a deficiency in an employee

Remote Employees
Employees who work off company premises and are removed from their supervisors or mangers.

Remote Managers
A manager who supervises employees who perform their work at a site other then the employer

The process of returning to the United States after being placed on a long-term international assign

An oral or written reproach given to an employee as part of disciplinary action.

Request For Proposal (RFP)
A document an organization sends to a vendor inviting the vendor to submit a bid for a product or se

Resident Alien
A resident alien is a lawful permanent resident of the United States at any time if he or she has be

The disposition of a disagreement or grievance through alternative dispute resolution methods.

Restrictive Covenant
A contract clause requiring executives or other highly skilled employees to refrain from seeking and

Changing an organizational structure in order to make it more efficient and cost effective.

A written document outlining an individual

Retaliatory Discharge
A form of discriminatory discharge that occurs when an employer dismisses an employee as retaliation

Retention Bonus
An incentive payment used to entice employees from leaving the organization. Typically employees are

Retiree Skill Bank
A pool of retired former employees who are rehired on a temporary or contractual basis.

Retirement Plan
A written qualified or nonqualified benefit plan, funded by employer and employee contributions, tha

Training that is provided for a certain job to enable an employee to acquire the necessary skills to

Return On Investment (ROI)
A ratio of the benefit or profit derived from a specific investment, compared with the cost of the i

Reverse Discrimination
Employment policies or practices that result in discriminatory treatment against applicants or emplo

Reward System
A formal or informal program used to recognize individual employee achievements, such as accomplishm

An OSHA standard providing workers with protection from hazardous substances in the workplace by req

Right-To-Sue Letter
A letter issued by the EEOC, once a charge has been recorded and processed, informing individuals wh

A state law preventing labor-management agreements requiring an individual to join a union as a cond

An approach to reducing staff, whereby jobs are prioritized in order to identify and eliminate unnec

Risk Management
The use of insurance and other strategies in an effort to minimize an organization

Role Playing
A training method in which each participant purposely acts out or assumes a particular character or

Rolling Year
Under FMLA regulations, a rolling year is defined as a 12-month period measured backward from the da

Rotational Training
A training method where employees are rotated among a variety of different jobs, departments or comp

Rural Sourcing
An outsourcing method that is based on transferring jobs away from higher cost urban areas to lower

A voluntary arrangement whereby an employer allows an employee paid or unpaid leave for a specified

Safe Harbor Regulations
Guidelines regulated by the Department of Labor, which, when fully complied with, may reduce or limi

Safety Training
A teaching tool used to help employees become more safety-conscious in all aspects of safety.

Salary Compression
Pay differentials too small to be considered equitable. The term may apply to differences between (1

Salary Grade
A compensation level expressed as a salary range, which has been established for each position withi

Salary Range
A range of pay rates, from minimum to maximum, set for a specific pay grade.

Salary Structure
A structure of job grades and pay ranges established within an organization. May be expressed as jo

Sales Compensation
A compensation system designed for individuals employed in managerial sales or sales representative

Refers to paid union organizers who apply for jobs with an employer for the purpose of organizing th

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was enacted to increase accountability of corporations to their share

The degree to which a computer application or component can be expanded in size, volume or number of

Scanlon Plan
A gainsharing program in which employees share in specific cost savings that are due to employee eff

Schedule Interview
An interviewing format in which each candidate is asked for the same exact information.

Usually the first step taken during the interviewing process, involving reviewing prospective candid

Search Firm
An organization or individual consultants working on a retainer or fee basis who provide the service

Selection Process
Any step, combination of steps or procedure used as a basis for any employment decision, including,

Self-Directed Teams
A multi-skilled, cross-functional group of employees possessing full empowerment who share responsib

An individual who has earned income for the current or preceding year from self-employment, within t

A benefit plan whereby the employer assumes all the risk, paying out for claims but saving the cost

Semi-Skilled Worker
Semi-skilled workers have to be able to read, write and communicate but are usually not required to

A facilitator-directed meeting or conference consisting of groups of individuals gathered to study a

Status determined by the length of time an employee has worked for a specific employer, department o

Sensitivity Training
A form of individual counseling geared toward increasing self-awareness and sensitivity to others. I

Serious Health Condition
An illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition that involves inpatient care in a hos

Service Award
Part of a formal or informal recognition program that rewards employees based on length of service.

Severance Pay
A form of short-term salary continuation awarded to employees who are being terminated. Severance pa

The classification of people as male or female.

Sex Discrimination
Discriminatory conduct or actions based on sex or pregnancy, as it relates to conditions of employme

Sex Discrimination Act Of 1975
The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination against individuals based on sex or mari

Sex Reassignment
Refers to surgical alteration, which is a part of 'transition.'

Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexu

Sexual Orientation
The scientifically accurate term for an individual's enduring physical, romantic, emotional and/or s

An individual or corporation that owns shares in the corporation.

Shift Differential
Additional compensation, usually expressed as cents per hour, paid as an incentive for employees to

Short-Term Disability
A benefit designed to provide temporary income replacement for worker absent due to illness or injur

Sick Leave
Paid time off granted to employees who are out of work due to an illness or injury.

An instructional method used to teach problem solving, procedures or operations by placing learners

Situational Leadership
A management theory stating that different situations call for different leadership styles and that

Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven methodology used to eliminate defects and improve processes

Ability to perform a mental or motor activity that contributes to the effective performance of a job

Skill Gap
A deficiency in basic writing, reading, mathematical or oral communication skills.

Skill-Based Pay
A salary differentiation system that bases compensation on an individual

Skills Inventory
A list of skills or competencies possessed by an individual.

Skills Training
Training provided to employees to help them ascertain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform

False defamation expressed as spoken words, signs or gestures, which cause damage to the character o

Slow Learner
A term used to describe individuals with mental disabilities and an IQ of between 75 and 90.

Snowbird Program
A term used to describe a form of alternative work arrangement whereby employees (typically retired

Social Security
A federal program under the Social Security Act which provides for retirement, disability and other

Social Security Card
A card issued by the Social Security Administration displaying an individual

Soft Skills
Skills required to perform a certain job where the job is defined in terms of expected outcomes, but

Sole Proprietorship
A business enterprise in which an individual is fully and personally liable for all the obligations

Span Of Control
A management principle expressing that a limit exists to the number of people an individual can effe

Special Disabled Veteran
A person entitled to disability compensation under laws administered by the Veterans Administration

A principle stating that, as an organization grows, work within the organization needs to be divided

Spot Rewards
Cash and noncash awards given to employees for ideas submitted or accomplishments benefiting the org

Staff Leasing
The practice of an employer directly hiring an employee on a temporary basis for an indefinite perio

The function within an organization responsible for recruitment, screening and selection of employee

Staffing Metrics
Measures used to determine costs associated with recruitment and hiring, time to fill/start for open

Someone with a vested interest in the successful completion or outcome of a project.

Standard Deviation
A statistic used as a measure of the dispersion or variation in a distribution, equal to the square

Standard Error
Statistical estimate of possible size error present in a test score or other group measure.

Standard Operating Procedures
A prescribed written procedure outlining how recurring tasks, duties and functions are to be perform

Standard Score
A score derived from the mean performance of a group on a test, as well as the comparative performan

Design and implementation of consistent specifications for procedures, practices, materials, machine

Standardized Interview
A form of interviewing that uses the same subject matter and identically sequenced questions, then e

Standardized Testing
A written test, the scores of which are interpreted by referencing the scores of a norm group that h

Statute Of Limitation
Laws prescribing deadlines for filing lawsuits within a certain time after events, which are the sou

Statutory Benefits
Benefits that are mandated by federal or state laws, such as Social Security, unemployment insurance

An amount provided to an individual as a partial salary or wage and may include emoluments such as d