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Superglossary - HR
Category: Management > Human Resources
Date & country: 16/12/2013, US
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Participative Management
A management style, developed by Motorola, that involves employees in the decision-making process.

Paternity Leave
A benefit designed to provide fathers of newborn children with paid or unpaid time off from work fol

Pay Adjustment
Any change made to the pay rate of an employee, such as an increase or decrease to the rate of pay.

Pay Compression
A situation occurring when only a small difference in pay exists between employees, regardless of th

Pay Grades
A method used to group jobs together that have approximately the same relative internal worth and ar

Pay Range
Associated with pay grades, the range sets the upper and lower compensation boundaries for jobs with

Pay Structure
A structure of job grades and pay ranges established within an organization. May be expressed as jo

Payback Agreement
An agreement between an employer and an employee used primarily for relocated employees, stating tha

Payroll Records
Documentation created and maintained by the employer, which contains information regarding hours wor

Peer Appraisal
A performance appraisal strategy whereby an employee is reviewed by his or her peers who have suffic

Pension Plan
An employer benefit plan funded through insurance, a trust, general assets or other separately maint

Perceived Disability
A person who does not meet the definition of a disabled individual in accordance with the Americans

Performance Appraisal
A periodic review and evaluation of an individual's job performance.

Performance Counseling
The process of improving employee performance and productivity by providing the employee with feedba

Performance Improvement Plan
A plan implemented by a manager or supervisor that is designed to provide employees with constructiv

Performance Management
The process of maintaining or improving employee job performance through the use of performance asse

Performance Monitoring
The practice of monitoring employees while they perform their jobs through the use of surveillance c

Performance Standards
The tasks, functions or behavioral requirements established by the employer as goals to be accomplis

Performance-Based Pay
A variable pay strategy that pays employees based on their individual performance and contributions,

A form of incentives generally given to executive employees granting them certain privileges or spec

Personal Days
A benefit designed to provide employees with an allotment of paid days off in addition to holidays,

Personal Protective Equipment
Clothing and other work accessories (i.e., safety glasses, hearing protection, etc.) designed to cre

Personality Test
A test instrument usually involving a standardized series of questions that are used to evaluate an

Personnel Records
All information pertaining to individual employees, which is collected and maintained by the employe

Phased Retirement
A work schedule arrangement that allows employees to gradually reduce their full-time hours over a p

Physical Ability Test
A test instrument used to determine an individual

Physical Examination
A medical examination performed by a company physician or an independent physician to ascertain whet

Piece Rate
A per-piece rate system that pays employees based on the number of pieces produced.

Pink Slip
A written or verbal notice given to employees who are being terminated or laid-off.

Placement Goals
Other eligible veterans are those individuals who served on active duty in the U.S. military, ground

Plan Administrator
An individual or plan sponsor designated by the instrument under which the plan is operated to be re

A written statement that reflects the employer

Policy-Procedures Manual
A detailed written document designed to assist managers and supervisors in carrying out their day-to

Position Control
A workforce planning tool that imposes certain rules or restrictions on the creation, and filling of

Positive Discipline
A disciplinary strategy geared toward reducing and improving an individual

Positive Reinforcement
The process of acknowledging specific behaviors with positive feedback, such as a smile, praise or r

Post- Tax Contributions
Contributions made to a benefit plan that are subject to applicable state or federal tax withholding

Post-Accident Testing
The process of testing an employee involved in a workplace accident for the presence of drugs or alc

An individual who practices a learned profession.

Pre-Employment Testing
The practice of issuing tests to potential employees on a pre-employment basis in order to determine

Pre-Tax Contributions
Contributions made to a benefit plan that are exempt from all applicable state or federal tax withho

Predictive Validity
Used in the test validation process to measure the relationship between test scores and actual job p

Preexisting Condition
Any condition for which a person is currently receiving treatment, has been advised to receive treat

Premium Only Plan (POP)
Considered to be the most basic type of Section 125 plan, a POP is a benefit plan that is designed t

Premium Pay
Additional compensation paid for work performed outside of regularly scheduled work hours.

Prepaid Group Legal Plan
A benefit plan that provides employees, their spouses or dependents with assistance in obtaining leg

Prescription Drug Benefits
Typically a provision included in a group health plan designed to provide covered employees and thei

Prevailing Wage
A rate of pay determined by the U.S. Department of Labor based upon the geographic area for a given

Prima Facie Case
Latin for

Refers to information about an employee which he or she regards as personal or private (i.e., medica

Private Letter Ruling
A formal document issued by the Internal Revenue Service announcing tax decisions or changes.

Pro Forma
The term pro forma comes from the Latin phrase meaning, 'as a matter of form'. The term is very broa

Used as a form of discipline, it is a specified period of time during which an individual

Probationary Period
A specified period of time (typically 30-90 days) where a newly hired, promoted or transferred emplo

Process Reengineering
The process of improving business practices or methods by creating and implementing new processes or

Profit Sharing Plan
A qualified retirement plan established and maintained by an employer which enables employees and th

Progressive Discipline
A form of discipline whereby increasingly harsher penalties are awarded each time an employee is dis

Career advancement within an organization, which includes increased authority, level of responsibili

Proprietary Information
Information associated with a company's products, business or activities, including such items as fi

Protected Characteristics
Legal terminology referring to areas protected by federal or state statutes.

Protected Class
A legal term describing certain groups, such as women, older and disabled individuals, Vietnam-era v

Psychological Test
A written, visual or verbal assessment administered to determine cognitive and emotional skills.

Qualified Disabled Person
A qualified disabled person is an individual with a disability who is capable of performing a partic

Qualified Plan
A defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan covered by ERISA and IRS regulations qualifyi

Qualified Special Disabled Veteran
A special disabled veteran who satisfies the requisite skill, experience, education and other job-re

Quality Assurance
Activities or programs whose purpose is to demonstrate and ensure that products and services meet sp

Quality Audit
The process of examining the elements of a quality management system in order to evaluate how well t

Quality Circle
A carefully selected group of employees who voluntarily meet on a regular basis to identify problems

Quality Control
Activities or programs whose purpose is to ensure that all quality specifications for products or se

Quality Improvement
Any system or process designed to enhance an organization's ability to meet quality requirements.

Quid Pro Quo
Legal terminology essentially meaning

Quid Pro Quo Harassment
Quid pro harassment involves expressed or implied demands for sexual favors in exchange for some ben

A voluntary resignation from employment that is initiated by the employee.

Quota System
In affirmative action systems, it is a means of attempting to achieve workplace balance by hiring an

Race is a division of humankind with certain distinguishing characteristics in common which indicate

The practice of adjusting employment test scores to compensate for racial differences.

Random Testing
Drug and alcohol tests administered by an employer that selects employees to be tested on a random b

Rank Order
A rating method where the performance of a group, process or product is arranged in a particular ord

Reasonable Accommodation
Modifying or adjusting a job process or a work environment to better enable a qualified individual w

Reasonable Person Standard
A standard used in sexual harassment suits, referring to conduct or behavior so offensive in nature

Reasonable Suspicion Testing
A drug or alcohol test administered to an employee due to a performance or policy infraction or poor

Transferring individuals to alternative positions where their talents or skills may be best utilized

Reciprocal Review
An appraisal method where the subordinate and the manager are evaluated by each other based on agree

A relationship between states or other taxing jurisdictions whereby privileges granted by one are re

An acknowledgement of an employee

Recordable Illness-Injury
All occupational injuries and illnesses that require more than basic first aid treatment, or deaths

The practice of soliciting and actively seeking applicants to fill recently vacated or newly created

Red Circle Rate
A pay rate that is above the maximum range assigned to the job grade. Employees are usually not elig

The reassignment of employees to other departments or functions as an alternative to laying them off

Reduction In Force
An involuntary separation of an employee or groups of employees due to economic pressures, lack of w

The redesigning of business and work processes, policies or organizational structure.

Reference Checking
The process of verifying information supplied by applicants on an application or resume.

Regression Analysis
A statistical measure used to discover relationships between variables such as performance ratings a

Regular Full-Part-Time Employee
An individual who has been hired by an employer to work a predetermined amount of hours per week in

Rehabilitation Act Of 1973
A federal statute requiring federal agencies to ensure that electronic and information technology sy

The practice of providing positive feedback to an individual or groups of individuals after completi

Release Agreement
A type of legal written document executed by an employer and signed by an employee whereby the emplo

A measure of the ability of a test or other appraisal instrument to evaluate what is being measured

Includes all aspects of religious observance and practice and religious beliefs.

Religious Accommodation
An accommodation made for an employee, such as time off from work, so that he or she may observe a r