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Superglossary - HR
Category: Management > Human Resources
Date & country: 16/12/2013, US
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Human Resource Metrics
Measurements used to determine the value and effectiveness of HR strategies. Typically includes such

Human Resource Planning
The process of anticipating future staffing needs and ensuring that a sufficient pool of talent poss

Human Resources
The function dealing with the management of people employed within the organization.

Hybrid Organization
An organization whose structure is comprised of both vertical and horizontal models.

Hygiene Theory
Studies conducted by Frederick Herzberg used to better understand employee attitudes and motivation

A beginning exercise, game or simulation used as a means to reduce tension and create a more relaxed

Identity Theft
Regulated by federal and state statutes, identity theft occurs when a person fraudulently obtains an

Illegal Immigrant-Alien
An individual who is not a U.S. citizen and who has entered the United States without proper documen

Image Consulting
The practice of counseling and advising individuals regarding items such as personal appearance, dre

Impact Ratio
Selection rate, for an employment opportunity, for a group of people in a protected class, divided b

A physical or mental condition resulting from injury or illness, which diminishes an individual

Foreign nationals who are hired by U.S. employers under the H1-B visa program to fill highly skilled

In-Company-In-House Counseling
An EAP program which is conducted by a trained professional counselor hired as an employee by the em

Incentive Pay
Additional compensation used to motivate and reward employees for exceeding performance or productiv

Incentive Pay Plan
A plan providing additional compensation intended to serve as an incentive for excellent performance

Incentive Stock Option
An employee stock option plan that allows options to be granted or exercised on a tax-deferred basis

Incidence Rate
Indicates the number of workplace injuries/illnesses and the number of lost work days per 100 employ

Ensuring that all of organizational talent is valued, treated fairly and respectfully, and is fully

Independent Contractor
A self-employed individual who performs a service for an employer under an express or implied agreem

Indirect Compensation
Compensation that is not paid directly to an employee and is calculated in addition to base salary a

Indirect Costs
Expenses, such as fringe benefits, overhead, utilities, rent or equipment, that have been incurred f

Indirect Labor
Used to define labor that is necessary to support the manufacturing of a product, but is not directl

Induction Program
Programs designed to introduce and acclimate newly hired employees into the organization.

Industrial Democracy
The involvement and empowerment of employees in decision-making within the organization by such meth

Industrial Psychology
Applied psychology concerned with the study of human behavior in the workplace and how to efficientl

Industrial Rehabilitation
Programs designed to get employees who have been injured on the job back into the workforce and off

Informed Consent
An individual

A court-issued order requiring a party to either do or refrain from doing a certain act.

These foreign national employees have been transferred to work in the home country of an internation

Inplacement Counseling
A form of employee counseling geared toward acclimating recently promoted or transferred employees i

Refers to the process of internally administering employee benefit plans or other programs, as oppos

Instructor-To-Trainee Ratio
The maximum number of trainees assigned per trainer.

The willful or repeated disobedience to an order or directive from a higher level manager or superio

Intangible Rewards
Nonmonetary reinforcing, such as praise, given to an employee in recognition of a job well done or a

Integrity Testing
A pre-employment psychological assessment tool used to gauge an applicant

Intellectual Property
Property which is protected under federal law, including trade secrets, confidential or proprietary

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
The measure of an individual

Intermittent-Reduced Schedule Leave
Under FMLA, intermittent and reduced schedule leave is used to describe leave that is not taken on a

Internal Audit
The process of conducting an in-house examination of one or more of an organization

Internal Equity
A term used to refer to employees

Internal Mobility
The movement of employees from one job to another either vertically or laterally within an organizat

Internal Recruitment
The practice of assessing the employer

Internal Temporary Pool Employee
A pool of former employees who are called upon and hired to fill temporary staffing needs on an as-n

A partnership between an organization and an educational institution, whereby students are hired by

Interpersonal Communications
Refers to the process of communicating with another person or group to express feelings, thoughts or

Intersectional Discrimination
Discrimination not just because of one protected trait (e.g., race), but also because of the interse

Used during the selection process, an interview is a face-to-face meeting with an individual or grou

Interview To Offer Ratio
The ratio of the numbers of individuals interviewed to actual offers extended.

Intrinsic Reward
Refers to an outcome received by an individual as a result of engaging in a particular activity (i.e

Invitation To Self-Identify
An invitation by an employer extended to all employees who believe they are covered by Section 402 o

ISO 9000
Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), it is a set of standards for

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
A service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) of the U.S. Department of Labor. JAN'

Job Aids
A document consisting of information or instructions used to guide the user on how to perform a task

Job Analysis
The systematic process of gathering and examining and interpreting data regarding the specific tasks

Job Bank
Refers to pools of retired employees who are used by employers to fill part-time or temporary positi

Job Classification
A method of evaluation used for job comparisons, which groups jobs into a prearranged number of grad

Job Codes
Identification numbers assigned to specific jobs or job tasks.

Job Description
A written description of a job which includes information regarding the general nature of the work t

Job Displacement
Occurs when an employee

Job Enlarging
A method used to keep workers motivated, the process involves adding new tasks which are of the same

Job Enrichment
The practice of adding tasks to a job as a means of increasing the amount of employee control or res

Job Evaluation
Used for compensation planning purposes, it is the process of comparing a job with other jobs in an

Job Grade
The group into which jobs of the same or similar worth are placed for determining appropriate rates

Job Group
A division within the contractor's workforce for the purposes of analyzing the workforce for underut

Job Offer Letter
A formal written document that is provided by an employer to a candidate selected for employment whi

Job Posting
The method of advertising for vacancies internally by posting a notice of the opening on a bulletin

Job Pricing
The process of determining pay rates for jobs within the organization by analyzing industry or regio

Job Ranking
The process of ranking all jobs within the organization in order of importance or worth.

Job Redesign
The process of restructuring a job by adding, changing or eliminating certain tasks or functions in

Job Reference Immunity Statutes
Laws enacted in several states meant to provide employers with protection from liability when disclo

Job Rotation
The practice of transferring employees for temporary periods of time between varying jobs within an

Job Sampling
During the selection process, the term refers to the practice of observing and measuring how an appl

Job Satisfaction
Used to define how an employee feels regarding their job, work environment, pay, benefits, etc.

Job Shadowing
A temporary, unpaid work experience opportunity where students learn about a particular job (typical

Job Sharing
The practice of two different employees performing the tasks of one full-time position.

Job Title
A specific name given to a particular job which is used to distinguish that job from other jobs with

The requirement that an employer be able to demonstrate that a particular action, policy or job requ

Johari Window
A leadership disclosure and feedback model which can be used in performance measurement and features

Joint Employment
The relationship between a Professional employer organization or employee leasing firm and an employ

Joint-Labor Management Committee
A panel comprised of management and union representatives whose purpose is to address problems, reso

Just Cause
A legal term used as the guiding principle utilized by employers whenever engaging in some form of c

Key Employee
Under FMLA statutes, a key employee is defined as a salaried employee who is among the highest-paid

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable, specific measures of an organization

Key Result Areas
Used to establish standards and objectives, key result areas are the chief tasks of a job identified

Knowledge Assets
The parts of an organization

Knowledge Broker
The individual who facilitates the creation, sharing and use of knowledge in an organization by link

Knowledge Integration
Knowledge integration is broadly defined as the assimilation, extraction, transformation and loading

Knowledge Management
The process of creating, acquiring, sharing and managing knowledge to augment individual and organiz

Knowledge Mapping
A process used to create a summation of the knowledge an organization will need in order to support

Knowledge Worker
Employees whose job functions are primarily of an intellectual nature.

Knowledge-Based Pay
A salary differentiation system that bases compensation on an individual

Labor Certification
Labor certification is a statement from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that a particular positio

Labor Force
The number of employed individuals in the civilian workforce and armed services.

Labor Law Posting
Federal and state regulations requiring employers to post in conspicuous places a variety of labor l

Labor Productivity
The correlation between a given output and the percentage of labor time used to produce the output.

Labor-Management Contract
A binding agreement governing wages, benefits, representation rights and other working conditions be

A temporary termination of employees, or the elimination of jobs, during periods of economic downtur

The process, by which an individual determines direction, influences a group and directs the group t

Leadership Development
Formal and informal training and professional development programs designed for all management and e

Learning Style
Learning styles are defined, classified, and identified in various ways. Broadly speaking, they are