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Superglossary - HR
Category: Management > Human Resources
Date & country: 16/12/2013, US
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An employee who is transferred to work abroad on a long-term job assignment.

Expectancy Theory
A motivational theory concluding that individuals feel a sense of pleasure and gratification when th

Expedited Arbitration
A dispute resolution method used by the American Arbitration Association to resolve cases in accorda

External Benchmarking
The process of comparing an organization

Extrinsic Motivator
Organizationally controlled incentives, such as pay, benefits, incentives, achievement awards, etc.,

Extrinsic Reward
Work-related rewards that have a measurable monetary value, unlike intrinsic rewards, such as praise

Face Validity
Making a decision regarding the appropriateness of a test or other assessment instrument based on ap

A trainer who assists a group in learning or reaching a specific goal by directing and controlling t

Fact Finding
The process of utilizing an impartial third party, not employed by the organization, to examine all

Factor Comparison
A job comparison process involving ranking each individual job by certain selected compensable facto

Factor Weight
Used in the job evaluation process, it is the process of assigning a weight to compensable factors t

Fair Representation
This term means that a trade union, so long as it continues to be entitled to represent employees in

Family Status Change
Used to define changes to an individuals existing family standing. Typically found in health care b

A policy or practice designed to help families spend more time together and/or enjoy a better qualit

A term used to describe employees who have exhibited strong potential for promotion and are being pr

Fat Organization
An organization with a structure consisting of several layers of management.

Feasibility Study
A study designed to discover if a business, product, project or process justify the investment of ti

An unfair labor practice occurring when a union requires an employer to pay an employee for services

Positive or negative information provided to an individual in the form of coaching or counseling reg

Fetal Protection Policy
An employer policy meant to protect a pregnant woman

Field Interview
An employment interview conducted away from the employer

Financial Statement
A report containing financial information derived from an organizational accounting record.

Fitness For Duty
A document provided by a medical practitioner following a post-offer medical examination containing

Fixed Year
A term used to describe an invariable year such as a calendar or fiscal year.

Flat Organization
An organization characterized by having only a few layers of management from top to bottom

Flexible Benefit Plan
A benefit program regulated under IRC 125 that offers employees a choice between permissible taxable

Flexible Scheduling
An alternative work arrangement providing employees with greater flexibility in meeting their own pe

Flexible Staffing
The practice of utilizing temporary employees, independent contractors or part-time employees to fil

Variable work hours requiring employees to work a standard number of core hours within a specified p

Focus Group
A small group of individuals who are interviewed through structured facilitator-led discussions in o

Forced Distribution
An appraisal rating method intended to prevent rater errors by requiring the rater to force ratings

Forced Ranking
A performance appraisal system where raters are asked to identify a certain percentage of employees

In test construction, used to define multiple-choice tests or questionnaires requiring the testee to

A business analysis conducted in order to assess what future trends are likely to happen, especially

Fractional Bargaining
Bargaining that takes place at a department or unit level which may lead to an unwritten consensus t

Fringe Benefit
Employment benefits granted to employees in addition to their current base salary or wages (i.e., ca

Front Pay
Front pay is an equitable remedy, an element of the 'make whole' relief available to victims of empl

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
A value assigned to signify the number of full-time employees that could have been employed if the r

Fully Insured Plan
A benefit plan where the employer contracts with another organization to assume financial responsibi

Functional Team
A group of employees who are responsible for a particular function within the organization.

Gag Clause
Refers to the employment contract restrictions used as a means of protecting the organization

Gainsharing Plan
A group incentive plan used to enhance productivity by sharing with a group a percentage of the gain

A court order requiring an employer to withhold a certain percentage from an employee

The adjective used to describe people whose enduring physical, romantic, emotional, and/or spiritual

Gender Expression
External manifestation of one's gender identity, usually expressed through 'masculine,' 'feminine,'

Gender Identity
One's internal, personal sense of being a man or a woman (or boy or girl). For transgender people, t

An individual who possesses the capabilities to perform more than one diversified function, rather t

Generation I
The term used to describe children born after 1994 who are growing up in the Internet age.

Generation X
The term used to describe individuals born between 1965 and 1980.

Generation Y
The term used to describe individuals born between 1985 and the present.

Genetic-Based Discrimination
The practice of requesting or requiring genetic testing information during the hiring process or usi

Geographical Differential
The variance in pay established for same or comparable jobs based on variations in labor and costs o

Glass Ceiling
Used to describe the invisible barrier keeping women from advancing into executive-level positions.

Glass Ceiling Act Of 1991
An act meant to raise public awareness regarding the underutilization of females and minorities in c

Global Compensation
Pay practices relating to employees who are working on assignments in international locations. A ser

Global Relocation
The process of transferring an individual

The term used to describe increasingly mobile organizations that are performing their operations in

A statement outlining the long-term results, accomplishments or objectives an organization seeks to

Goal Achievement
How well a contractor has progressed toward meeting employment or promotion targets set to correct u

Goal Setting
The process of setting and assigning a set of specific and attainable goals to be met by an individu

Gold-Collar Employee
The term used to describe individuals such as scientists, engineers and other highly skilled employe

Good -Faith Bargaining
The principles applied to conducting negotiations where two parties meet and confer at reasonable ti

Good Faith Effort
The effort and action an organization puts forth to correct goals and specific problem areas.

Graded Vesting
A schedule used for vesting purposes, in which the vesting occurs over a period of five to 15 years.

An informal communication channel used to transmit information or rumors from one person to another.

Green Card
A card issued in accordance with immigration laws to an alien granting him or her the right to becom

Greenfield Operation
A new operation that is built from

A formal complaint or allegation by an employee or group of employees made to unfair treatment or vi

Grievance Procedures
The process and guidelines to be followed by employees, management or the union when resolving diffe

Gross Product Margin
The difference between the price a certain product is sold at and the cost of producing the product.

Gross Salaries
The amount of income, exclusive of any deductions, paid to employees during the calendar year which

Group Dynamics
The social manner in which people interact with each other within a group.

Group Interview
An interviewing method where a prospective employee is interviewed by a small group of his or her pe

Group Outplacement
Used as a cost-cutting measure, it incorporates the same principles as individual outplacement benef

Halo-Horn Effect
A form of interviewer bias, occurring when the interviewer rates or judges an individual based on th

Handicapped Individual
Based on the definition provided by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, an individual is 'h

Conduct or actions, based on race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, military members

Hawthorne Effect
A term produced as a result of an experiment conducted by Elton Mayo whereby he concluded that expre

Hazard Pay
A special payment made in addition to an individual

Head Count
Refers to average number of people employed directly by the company on a full-time and part-time bas

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
A tax-free account that can be used by employees to pay for qualified medical expenses. Contribution

People whose enduring physical, romantic, emotional, and/or spiritual attraction is to people of th

Hidden Disabilities
Disabilities which are not of a visible nature, such as learning disorders, alcohol abuse, depressio

Hierarchy Of Needs
A psychology theory ascribed to Abraham H. Maslow, in which he proposed that people will constantly

Highly Compensated Employee
For the purposes of retirement plans, a highly compensated employee is defined by the IRS as an empl

Home-Based Worker
An employee who works from a home office rather than at a physical workspace at the employer

Outdated clinical term considered derogatory and offensive by many gay people.

Honesty-Integrity Testing
Tests used to assess an individual

Horizontal Integration
Also known as job rotation, it is a job enlargement method whereby employees are shifted between var

Horizontal Organization
A flat organizational structure that consists of fewer hierarchal levels. Such organizational struct

Hostile Environment Harassment
Sexual or other discriminatory conduct that is so severe and pervasive that it interferes with an in

Hostile Takeover
A leveraged purchase of a company that goes against the wishes of the target company's management an

A method of saving office space in which workers do not have their own desk but share the same desk

The practice of not assigning offices on a permanent basis to individuals who telecommute. Instead,

Huddle Group
A training method whereby participants are divided into small groups, given a specific problem to ha

Human Capital
The collective knowledge, skills and abilities of an organization

Human Resource Auditing
The process of assessing HR programs and services to determine effectiveness or efficiency.

Human Resource Development
A set of planned activities intended to provide the organization with the skills it requires to meet

Human Resource Management
The formal structure within an organization responsible for all the decisions, strategies, factors,

Human Resource Management System
A software application combining various human resource functions, such as benefits, payroll, recrui