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Superglossary - HR
Category: Management > Human Resources
Date & country: 16/12/2013, US
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Career Planning
The process of establishing career objectives and determining appropriate educational and developmen

Career Plateau
Occurs when an employee has reached the highest position level he or she can possibly obtain within

Case Study
A case study uses real scenarios that focus on a specific issue(s). It looks deeply at a specific is

Casual Dress
Refers to attire such as jeans, casual slacks, t-shirts, sport and polo shirts and other apparel use

Casual Employment
The practice of hiring employees on an as-needed basis, either as a replacement for permanent full-t

A labor relations term used to define periodic suspensions of negotiations in order to provide both

The process of consolidating all decision-making authority under one central group or location.

Change Agent
A term used to define an individual or group of individuals who directly or indirectly cause or acce

Change Management
The systematic approach and application of knowledge, tools and resources to deal with change. Chang

Charge Determination
A letter issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to both parties involved in a

Child-Labor Law
Provisions under FLSA are designed to protect the educational opportunities of youth and prohibit th

Civil Rights
The rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and federal and state statutes enacted to protect a w

Civil Rights Act Of 1964
A federal statute enacted to further guarantee the constitutional rights of individuals and prevent

Civil Rights Act Of 1991
A federal statute that amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 enacted to strengthen and improve federa

Civil Union
Legal recognition of committed same-sex relationships in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Vermont.

Class Action Suit
A lawsuit filed by one party on behalf of themselves and other people in a group who share the same

Climate Survey
A tool used to solicit and asses employee opinions, feelings, perceptions and expectations regarding

The relationship between a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or employee leasing firm and an

A training method in which a more experienced or skilled individual provides an employee with advice

Cognitive Ability Testing
A testing instrument used during the selection process in order to measure the candidate

Collective Action
A federal agency procedure that permits the aggregation of hundreds or thousands of claims requirin

Color Discrimination
color discrimination occurs when a person is discriminated against based on the lightness, darkness,

Common Law Employment Test
Refers to the IRS

Communicable Disease
Any condition that is transmitted directly or indirectly to a person from an infected person or anim

Compa Ratio
The ratio of an actual pay rate to the midpoint for the respective pay grade used for comparing actu

Comparative Rating
A rating method that determines ratings by making comparisons between the individuals being rated.

Compensatory Time-Off Plan
The practice of giving employees paid time off that can be used in the future in lieu of paying them

The knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a specific task or function.

Competency-Based Pay
A compensation system that recognizes employees for the depth, breadth and types of skills they obta

Meeting the requirements and obligations of affirmative action imposed by Executive Order 11246, Sec

Compliance Officer
An employee of the OFCCP engaged in the investigation of employment discrimination charges and condu

Compressed Workweek
An alternative scheduling method that allows employees to work a standard workweek over less than a

Conciliation Agreement
A binding written agreement between a contractor and OFCCP that details specific contractor commitme

Concurrent Validity
The means of determining a test

Condition Of Employment
An organization

Confidentiality Agreement
A contract restricting an employee from disclosing confidential or proprietary information.

Conflict Of Interest
Refers to situations when an individual has other competing financial, professional or personal obli

A benefit or other item of value given to an individual who is asked to sign an employment contract

Construct Validity
The extent to which a test or other assessment instrument measures a particular trait.

Constructive Discharge
Occurs when a manager/supervisor or employer makes working conditions so unbearable or abusive that

An individual who works independently to assist and advise client organizations with various organiz

Consumer Credit Report
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) defines a consumer report as any communication of any informati

Consumer Price Index (CPI)
An index of prices used to measure the change in the cost of basic goods and services in comparison

Content Validity
The degree to which a test or other assessment instrument used during the selection process measures

Contingency Planning
The process of identifying an organization

Contingent Worker
Refers to an individual employed in a job that does not have an explicit contract for long-term empl

A contractor is a firm that does business with the federal government. A prime contractor receives $

Core Competencies
The skills, knowledge and abilities which employees must possess in order to successfully perform jo

Core Work Activities
The tasks or functions within an organization considered essential to the organization

Core Workers
Employees who are considered to be vital to the organization

Corporate Culture
The beliefs, values and practices adopted by an organization that directly influence employee conduc

Corporate Image
The way in which an organization is viewed by clients, employees, vendors or the general public.

Corporate Values
The prescribed standards, behaviors, principles or concepts that an organization regards as highly i

Corrective Action
Correction of deficiencies identified during a compliance review of an affirmative action plan.

Cost Of Labor
The total payments in the form of gross salary and wages, bonuses, and other cash allowances paid to

Cost Of Living
The amount of money needed to buy the goods and services required to maintain a specific standard of

Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA)
An annual adjustment in wages to offset a change in purchasing power, as measured by the Consumer Pr

Cost-Benefit Analysis
A means of measuring the costs associated with a specific program, project, activity or benefit comp

The direct and indirect costs that are calculated to measure the costs associated with filling a vac

Actions or interactions in one or serial form which serve to provide direction, guidance or advice w

Craft Worker
An individual employed in a profession or activity that uses experienced hands to make something. A

Crisis Management
A broad term that refers to an organizations pre-established activities and guidelines, for preparin

Crisis Planning
A formal written plan establishing specific measures or actions to be taken when responding to catas

Crisis Prevention
The process of an organization implementing specific plans and procedures designed to circumvent cer

Critical Success Factors
The key items that must be met in order to successfully achieve a specific objective.

Critical Tasks
The job tasks or functions essential to the proper performance of a particular job.

Cross Dressing
To occasionally wear clothes traditionally associated with people of the other sex . Cross-dressers

Cross Training
The process of developing a multi skilled workforce by providing employees with training and develop

Cross-Functional Teams
Work teams comprised of individuals who represent the various organizational functions, departments

Cultural Differences
The diverse behaviors, beliefs, customs, traditions, language and expressions that are characteristi

Cultural Integration
The process of bringing people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds into equal association.

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)
Used in the United States to describe, a longer, more detailed version of a resume. Internationally

Using Web sites, listservs, chat rooms or bulletin boards to post insulting or defamatory statements

Daily Work Records
A daily log of job tasks being performed by individual employees over a certain period of time. Use

The amounts awarded by a court to be paid by one party to another as a result of violating a contrac

De Minimis Rule
Described by IRS guidelines as any benefit, property or service provided to an employee that has so

An organizational restructuring strategy meant to reduce the organization

The termination of union representation over a specific bargaining unit following a decertification

An order declaring a contractor ineligible for the award of future contracts or cancellation of curr

The process of assigning decision-making authority to lower levels within the organizational hierarc

Allows members of a particular bargaining unit to terminate their union representation through a vot

Deductive Reasoning
The ability to extract certain rules based on a sequence of experiences or observations and apply th

Injury caused to an individual

Deferred Compensation
Payment for services under any employer-sponsored plan or arrangement that allows an employee (for t

Failure to fulfill a requirement of Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act or

Defined Benefit Plan
A retirement plan that is not an individual account plan and pays participants a fixed periodic bene

Defined Contribution Plan
An individual account plan in which the employer contributes a specific amount of money into each ye

The process of assigning tasks or projects to subordinates and clearly dictating expected outcomes a

The physical characteristics of a population, such as age, sex, marital status, family size, educati

A permanent reassignment to a position with a lower pay grade, skill requirement or level of respons

Department Of Labor (DOL)
The federal agency responsible for administering and enforcing a large quantity of federal labor law

The process of dividing an organization

Dependent Care Assistance Plan
An employer benefit plan that provides employees with dependent care assistance, such as paying for

The process of one party, accompanied by his or her legal counsel, answering questions under oath ab

Descriptive Scale
Any rating scale that uses adjectives or phrases to determine performance ratings.

Desk Audit
A review of a contractor's documents and materials to determine compliance with affirmative action p

Development Program
Training or educational programs designed to stimulate an individual

Developmental Counseling
A form of shared counseling where managers or supervisors work together with subordinates to identif

Developmental Disabilities
Defined as a severe, chronic disability of an individual that

Dimensions Of Diversity
Include but are not limited to