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Superglossary - Architecture
Category: Architecture and Buildings
Date & country: 16/12/2013, US
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Farm Labor Housing Loans
Section 514 loans are available through the Rural Housing Service to qualified farm owners for the p

Farm Loan Programs Of The FSA
Loan programs, administered by the Farm Service Agency (replacing fmha), providing both direct and g

Farm Operating (OL) Loans
Subtitle B of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, as amended, authorizes the Farm Servi

Farm Operator
A person who operates a farm, either by doing or supervising the work or by making the day-to-day ma

Farm Ownership (FO) Loans
Subtitle A of the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, as amended, authorizes the Farm Servi

Farm Price
The price that farmers receive for the commodities they market. Sometimes the term farm-gate price i

Farm Programs
This term is generally meant to include the commodity programs administered by the Farm Service Agen

Farm Service Agency (FSA)
One result of the 1994 legislative reorganization of USDA was the consolidation of the ASCS, FCIC an

Farm Size
Although a standard definition is not available, the most common way to measure farm size is by the

Farm To Retail Price Spread
The difference between the farm price and the retail price of food, reflecting charges for processin

Farmed Wetlands
Under the swampbuster program, these are wetlands that were partially drained or altered to improve

Farmer-Owned Grain Reserve (FOR)
A program, established under the Food and Agriculture Act of 1977, designed to buffer sharp price mo

Farmers Home Administration (Fmha)
Formerly an agency of USDA that provided direct and guaranteed credit to family-sized farmers who we

Farmers Market Nutrition Program
Authorized through FY2003 under Section 17 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, this program provides

Land used for agricultural purposes. The federal government recognizes prime farmland and unique far

Farmland Protection
Programs, operated mostly at state and local levels by government agencies or private entities such

Farmland Protection Program (FPP)
A program established by the FAIR Act of 1996 to fund the purchase of conservation easements of 170,

Typically, a confinement operation where pigs are bred and raised to their slaughter weight, usually

Fast Track Authority
A legislative procedure that may be adopted by Congress for considering bills to implement trade agr

Fat Free Lean Index
One of several measures of hog quality (in this case, leanness) that can be used in determining valu

Fecal Coliform Bacteria
Bacteria found in the intestinal tracts of mammals. Their presence in water or sludge is an indicato

Fed Cattle
Animals leaving a feedlot, after fattening on a high protein ration, that are ready to be sold to a

Federal Grain Inspection Program
The grain inspection program administered by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administra

Federal Insecticide
P.L. 80-44 (June 25, 1947), as amended, is the basic authority that requires the Environmental Prote

Federal Land Credit Associations
Institutions within the Farm Credit System (FCS) that have authority to make long-term real estate l

Federal Meat Inspection Act Of 1906
Enacted June 30, 1906, as chapter 3913, 34 Stat. 674, and substantially amended by the Wholesome Mea

Federal Noxious Weed Act
P.L. 93-629 (January 3, 1975) was adopted to prevent foreign weeds from entering and becoming establ

Federal Plant Pest Act
P.L. 85-36 (May 23, 1957) prohibits the movement of plant pests from a foreign country into or throu

Federal Register (FR)
Each federal working day, this federal document publishes current Presidential orders or directives,

Federal Seed Act
P.L. 76-354 (August 9, 1939) requires accurate labeling and purity standards for seeds in commerce,

Feed Grain
Any of several grains most commonly used for livestock feed, including corn, grain sorghum, oats, ry

Feed Ratio
The relationship of the cost of feeding animals to their market weight, expressed as a ratio to the

Feeder Cattle
A steer or cow mature enough to be placed in a feedlot where it will be fattened prior to slaughter.

A confined cattle feeding facility where feeder cattle (usually less than a year old) are put on hig

Any organic or inorganic material, either natural or synthetic, used to supply elements (such as nit

Field Office Technical Guide
A manual placed in all Natural Resources Conservation Service district offices and field service cen

Field Service Agency
Generally refers to any one of the following USDA agencies that administer programs and provide serv

Field Service Center
A centralized location for a variety of USDA agency field offices. These have been reduced in number

Filter Strip
An area of vegetation, generally narrow and long, that slows the rate of runoff, allowing sediments,

Findley Payments
Under the so-called Findley Provision authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985 (and first sponsor

Fish And Wildlife Service (FWS)
FWS, in the Department of the Interior, is the federal agency charged with managing and protecting t

Fish Farming
Usually, freshwater commercial aquaculture

Flex Acreage
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 mandated that deficiency payments not be made on 15% o

Flood Risk Reduction Program
Provides for contracts for producers on farms that have contract acreage under Title I of the FAIR A

Flow To Market
A quantity provision in a fruit or vegetable marketing order that does not change the total quantity

Flue-Cured Tobacco
A type of cigarette tobacco, it and burley tobacco account for more than 90% of U.S. tobacco product

Fluid Differential
In federal milk marketing orders, the Class I differential is the amount added to the basic formula

Fluid Milk Promotion Act Of 1990
This is the designation given to Subtitle H of Title XIX of the Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and

Foliar Nutrient
Any liquid substance applied directly to the foliage of a growing plant for the purpose of deliverin

Food Additives
Any substance or mixture of substances other than the basic foodstuff present in a food as a result

Food Aid Consultative Group
A group created by the FACT Act of 1990 to review and address issues concerning the effectiveness of

Food And Agricultural Act Of 1965
P.L. 89-321 (November 3, 1965) was the first multi-year farm legislation, providing for 4-year commo

Food And Agriculture Act Of 1977
P.L. 95-113 (September 9, 1977) was an omnibus farm bill. It increased price and income supports and

Food And Drug Administration (FDA)
An agency within the Public Health Service of the Department of Health and Human Services. FDA is a

Food And Fiber System
That sector of the U.S. economy that includes agricultural production and all economic activities su

Food And Nutrition Service (FNS)
The USDA agency whose goals are to provide needy people with access to a more nutritious diet, to im

Food Borne Pathogens
Disease-causing microorganisms found in food, usually bacteria, fungi, parasites, protozoans, and vi

Food Code
The code, published by the Food and Drug Administration, consists of model requirements for safeguar

Food For Peace Program
A label given to the food donation activities carried out overseas under P.L. 480.

Food For Progress Program (FPP)
A food aid program originally authorized by the Food Security Act of 1985 to provide commodities on

Food Guide Pyramid
A graphic developed by USDA as the consumer guide to implementing the dietary guidelines in their ow

Food Package
Generally refers to foods contained in the package of specific items provided to those participating

Food Power
The act of withholding or making available agricultural commodities for export or aid by an exportin

Food Safety Initiative
A 1997 interagency initiative among the Food and Drug Administration, Center For Disease Control, En

Food Security
Access by all people at all times to enough food for an active healthy life. Food security at a mini

Food Security Act Of 1985
P.L. 99-198 (December 23, 1985), a 5-year omnibus farm bill, allowed lower commodity price and incom

Food Security Commodity Reserve
A special reserve of up to 4 million metric tons of wheat, corn, sorghum, and rice to be used for in

Food Security Wheat Reserve (FSWR)
Title III of the Agriculture Act of 1980 established a reserve of up to 4 million metric tons of whe

Food Service Management Institute
This institute provides instruction, research, and materials in support of better food service manag

Food Stamp Act Of 1964
P.L. 88-525 (August 31, 1964) provided permanent legislative authority to the Food Stamp Program, wh

Food Stamp Program (FSP)
This program supplements the food buying power of eligible low-income households by providing them w

Food-Borne Illnesses
Illnesses caused by pathogens that enter the human body where food is the carrier. In order of the i

Foot-And-Mouth Disease (FMD)
A major disease of cloven-footed animals (e.g., cattle and pigs) that does not exist in the United S

Farmer-Owned Grain Reserve.

Forage Value Index (FVI)
A derived index of the relative change in the previous year

Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)
The USDA agency that administers agricultural export and food aid programs. FAS is also responsible

Forest Health
A term used for a collection of concerns over the alleged deterioration in forest conditions, includ

Forest Plans
Land and resource management plans for units of the National Forest System under the National Forest

Forest Service (FS)
The largest USDA agency in terms of employees (about 37,000) with responsibility for administering t

A classification of land use in the Natural Resources Inventory (NRI). It includes areas where trees

Forestry Incentive Program (FIP)
Initiated in 1975 as an independent program and currently administered by the Natural Resources Cons

Forfeiture Penalty (Sugar)
A penalty paid to the Commodity Credit Corporation by a processor of sugar beets or sugarcane who, h

Formula Funds
Federal dollars distributed to the land grant colleges of agriculture through formulas found in the

Formula Pricing
An arrangement where a buyer and seller agree in advance on the price to be paid for a product deliv

Forward Contract
A cash transaction common in many industries, including agricultural commodity merchandising, in whi

Forward Market
This refers to informal (non-exchange) trading of commodities to be delivered at a future date. Cont

Forward Selling
Forward contracting in which the price is fixed at the time the contract is entered.

Four-Firm Ratio
It is common to express the degree of concentration within an industry, including agriculture (that

Free Lunch
Refers to a federally subsidized meal (or snacks or half-pint of milk) that is offered under a child

Free Market
A system in which the market forces of supply and demand determine prices and allocate available sup

Free On Board (FOB)
Indicates that the seller assumes all responsibilities and costs up to the specific point or stage o

Free Rider
In agricultural policy, the term generally refers to a firm or person who benefits from a collective

Free Stocks
Commodity stocks owned by farmers or others in the trade, rather than by those owned or controlled b

Free Trade Area
A group of countries that have removed trade barriers among the members, but each country may mainta

A phrase that was used in the congressional arena to characterize the production flexibility contrac

Full-Cost Water
An annual rate for water delivered from Bureau of Reclamation facilities, which includes project con

A vaporized pesticide used to control pests in soil, buildings and greenhouses, and chambers holding

A mycotoxin that can cause liver and brain damage in horses.

Fund For Rural America
A fund established by the FAIR Act of 1996 to augment existing resources for agricultural research a

The characteristic of interchangeability. Bulk commodities are generally described as fungible, wher