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Superglossary - Liquor
Category: Food and Drink > Alcoholic beverages
Date & country: 11/12/2013, US
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A cocktail mixed by slamming it on the bar

Made like sangarees with the addition of lemon juice and a twist of lemon peel. Served in an old fas

A European plum brandy whose base fruit is a particular variety of black plum called Madjarka.

Sloe Gin
Sloe gin is a liqueur made from the sloe berry, a kind of small, wild plum, which is soaked in gin.

Small juleps, served in an old fashioned glass. Made from muddled sugar, ice cubes, whiskey, gin, ru

Soda Water
Salted water or water with other aditives often added to many mix drinks.

Soju literally means

A spirit-based cocktail containing sugar, and lemon or lime juice

Sour Mash
The term is usually applied to bourbon whiskey; this whiskey is made from a blended grain mash consi

Sour Mash Whiskey
A broad category of whiskey whereby a portion of old mash is mixed in with new to help advance the c

Made of lemon juice,ice, sugar, with any basic liquor.

Southern Comfort
The oldest American liqueur, well known the world over, Southern Comfort is a blend of bourbon, peac

Italian sparkling wine.

A German gin

Straight Whiskey
In the United States, a blended straight whiskey is a blend of several mature rye or bourbon whiskey

An Italian liqueur flavored with citrus fruits, supposedly based on a witches's brew. Name means 'wi

Sugar Syrup
A sweetener for cocktails, made by dissolving sugar in boiling water

A wine-based liqueur that is flavored with gentian root.

Swedish Punch (Caloric Punch)
A Scandanavian liqueur made from batavia, arak, tea, lemon peel and 70 other spices. Also called cal

Swedish Punsch
Aromatic rum-based drink, flavoured with wines and syrups

Sweet Vermouth
An Italian made, herb flavored wine. Used in making drinks such as Rob Roy's and Manhattans.

Originally a tall rum cooler filled with cracked ice that was swizzled with a long twig or stirring

Taboo is a light, refreshing drink bursting with flavour, made from an intriguing blend of white win

'It's full-bodied, sensual and warm going down with a soft aroma of vanilla, a rich flavour of burnt

Clear and pungent, with citrus and juniper aromas. Very flavoursome with a tart cut, snappy spice an

Tanqueray 10
Sublimely fresh with depth and complex flavor and a mouth-feel that can only be described as unctuou

Tarantula Azul
Blue tequila.

Te Bheag
A connoiseurs Unchilfiltered Blend. With more than double the malt content of most standard blends

Teacher's Blended Scotch Whisky is a full-flavoured peaty whisky that's full of character

Tennessee Whiskey
Tennessee whiskey is made in the same way as a sour-mash bourbon whiskey except that the tennessee w

Tequila is a product of the mezcal plant. (specifically the blue agave) One misconception is that me

Tia Maria
A coffee flavored liqueur from Jamaica. Dryer than Kahlua, Tia Maria is Jamaican rum based and flavo

Originally a hot drink made with spirits, sugar, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, etc and a lemon pe

Tonic Water
A carbonated beverage containing lemon, lime, and quinine, an alkaloid obtained from the cinchona ba

Abbey style definition. Pale, strong ale (around 9% abv). Can mean three fermentations

Triple Sec
A highly popular sweetener and flavoring agent in many drinks, triple-sec is the best known form of

Italian brandy based liqueur flavored with vanilla, citrus, almond, coconut, orange and cocoa.

Tullamore Dew
Tullamore Dew is the original blend known the world over for its smooth and gentle flavour

A Single Malt Whiskey is the product of one specific distillery and has not been mixed with whisky f

The first and only vodka in the world to be blended from rye, wheat and potato

Uluvka Vodka
You will find it creamy and lightly buttery in character, with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy f

A blended Scotch whiskey that dates back to the early 1500's. Recognized by connoisseurs to be the w

Van Der Hum
A South African brandy-based liqueur which is flavored with naartjies (tangerine-like orange variety

A liquid after dinner chocolate mint is the best way to describe this liqueur from the netherlands.

Veda Deduga
From the historic city of St Petersburg, the famous Veda distillery produce this high quality, ice d

Though the product is mostly an Italian/French undertaking, the word comes to us from the German Ver

Victory Potato Vodka
Delicacy and subtlety make of this vodka or an outstanding base for all kinds of long drinks and coc

By United States law, vodka must be colorless, odorless, and tasteless, a combination that has made

The Irish invented it and in Gaelic, it means 'the water of life'. In the Unites States and Ireland,

White Magic
A brand of white rum distilled by Caroni in Trinidad.

Wild Turkey
Kentucky 4 year old straight bourbon whiskey. 86.8 proof.

Wild Turkey 101
Kentucky 8 year old straight bourbon whiskey. One of America's finest bourbon whiskeys. 101 proof.

Wild Turkey Liqueur
A liqueur made with honey and special reserved stock Wild Turkey* 60 proof.

Worchestershire Sauce
A brand of tangy flavored sauce used in both bloody mary & bouillon mixer recipes. Non-Alcoholic.

Xellent Vodka
Xellent, is a pure, slightly sweet-tasting 40% vol. spirit, consisting of nothing but vodka and wate

Xoriguer Gin
Xoriguer, thanks to its unique character and to its distillation from natural products, is free of a

Yukon Jack
A Canadian liqueur made with blended Canadian liquors. 100 proof.

Distilled four times, resulting in the smoothness on the palate, and the rich flavor that has made R

Zubrowka Vodka
Zubrowka is a unique, very aromatic dry vodka prepared from a base of premium spirits and combined w

Zuidam Dry Gin
The botanicals, spices and herbs used are all natural ingredients; juniper berries & iris root from

Zuidam Genever Gin
The unique flavours and aromas of Zuidam Genever come from the finest, most natural imported botanic