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Superglossary - Liquor
Category: Food and Drink > Alcoholic beverages
Date & country: 11/12/2013, US
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Melon Liqueur
Spirit-based, melon-flavoured liqueur - Midori is the leading brand

Popular Greek brandy (made mainly from the Savatiano and Muscat grapes).

Metaxa Ouzo
An unsweetened anise-flavored liqueur made in Greece since 1888. 90 proof.

The end product of the fermentation and distillation of pulque; a fermented mash made from the agave

A green colored, melon flavored liqueur made in Japan. 46 proof.

Midori Melon
A sweet and syrupy melon liqueur that comes in a green bottle. It is close to banana in both taste a

Millers Gin
Clear appearance. Sweet floral and citrus aromas have an herbaceous, juniper edge.

A glass packed with crushed ice to which spirits are added, usually straight.

Coffee liqueur.

Monte Alban
A superb mezcal named after an Aztec mountain-top settlement in Oaxaca, Mexico where mezcal has been

A warm drink containing wine, sugar, spices, and possibly a liquor. Also a verb meaning to warm, spi

Murray Mcdavid 14 Yrs
A fairly plump, robust spirit - moderately viscous with a spicy heat on the texture

Myers Dark Rum
An outstanding dark Jamaican rum. 80 proof.

Myers Rum
A famous line of high-quality dark Jamaican rums.

Napolean Brandy
The term is related to age and usually means a cognac that is at least 5 years old.

A straight shot of any spirit taken in a single gulp, usually without any accompaniment, also called

Neisson Rhums Reserve Special
Neisson Reserve Special is blended from their finest rhums, distilled and bottled to perfection

Nocello Walnut
Nocello, from the Emeligia-Romagna region of Italy

Noilly Prat
An excellent and well known brand of French dry vermouth that is perfectly suited to the making of d

Nyack Cognac
The finest expression and the richest nuances of cognac such as have never seen before

Oak Hill Bitter
Scents that immediate are butterscotch and lemons, covering a light hop aroma. There may also be som

AN unsweetened, anise flavored liqueur made in Greece. 90 proof.

Old Chimney
A pleasant enough brew with a satisfactory balance of hops and malt. Quite light considering the str

Old Smuggler
Floral, grainy nose. Flavors of charcoal, English toffee, and caramel. Flavorful finish.

Old Speckled Hen
Experience the rich strong ale that is Old Speckled Hen. Full of character

Orange Bitters
Made from the dried peel of the bitter Seville oranges, orange bitters are less aromatic and fruitie

Orange Flower Water
A light, non-alcoholic preparation based on the oil of orange blossoms, used as a flavoring in drink

Orange Flower Water
A particularly fragrant distillation of orange petals that is used sparingly to accent mixed drinks.

Fruity soft sparkling drinks made with fresh, natural juice.

A syrup with a pronounced almond flavor.

Oro Azul
Blanco is 100% blue agave taken from the heart (pina) of the finest agave plants.

Oude Meester Ginger Liqueur
South African ginger liqueur.

Oude Meester Peppermint Liqueur
South African peppermint liqueur.

An anise flavored liqueur of Greece, usually served on the rocks. Also an Absinthe substitute.

Parfait Amour
A purple liqueur that is flavored with citrus fruits, cloves and other spices. Name means 'Perfect L

Passion Fruit
A liqueur made in Hawaii from peaches or mangos.

Aniseed-flavoured liqueur from France

Patron Reposado is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of six months

Peach Schnapps
A peachh flavored schnapps. 48 proof.

Peanut Lolita
A liqueur made from peanuts.

Pear Liqueur
A Hungarian made liqueur, some even have a pear in the bottle.

Fruity soft sparkling drinks made with fresh, natural juice.

Peppered Vokda
A rapper flavored vodka. 80 proof.

Peppermint Schnapps
A mint flavored liqueur similar to creme de menthe, but lighter bodied and less sweet.

A French made, anise flavored substitute for now illegal absinthe. 80 proof.

A highly effervescent bottled water that the French use in highballs instead of club soda. It has a

A Russian brand of peppered vodka. 80 proof.

Peter Heering
A famous, deep red, cherry-flavored liqueur made in Denmark, formerly known as Cherry Heering.

Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur
A world renowned cherry flavored liqueur. Produced since 1818 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 49 proof.

Peychouds Bitters
Made in louisiana from an old closely guarded french family recipe. It is a pungent anise flavored b

Phillips Holiday Nog
Egg nog style liqueur.

Any concoction designed to allay the effects of overindulgence in alcaholic beverages.

Pierre Ferrand
These special Grande Champagne cognacs are bottled in a replica of the bottle used by Cognac Ferrand

Pimm's No. 1 is a gin-based liquor made in England from dry gin, liqueur, fruit juices and spices

Pimms Cup
A Pimm's No. 1 is a liqueur-style prepackaged preperation with a gin base. Pimm's No. 2 has a whiske

Pineau De Charentes
A fortified red wine that is similar to port.

Plymouth Gin
A less dry type of gin than London gin.

Poire William
A liqueur which is flavored with Williams pears.

Portuguese fortified wine that may be white, ruby or tawny - white and inexpensive ruby are most app

A sweet, multilayered after-dinner drink. Success in making it depends upon keeping each layer seper

Praline Liqueur
A cordial flavored to taste like buttery pecan pralines.

A New Orleans liqueur that recreates the butter pecan/brown sugar/vanilla flavor of the traditional

Prichards Fine Rum is sealed in new, 15-gallon charred oak casks made from the heartwood of the whit

The measure of the strength of the alcohol. One degree of proof equals one-half of one percent of al

An Italian sparkling wine.

A liqueur made from meat, plum pits, figs, and vanilla beans.

Punt E Mes
Though the product is mostly an Italian/French undertaking, the word comes to us from the German Ver

Abbey style definition. Very strong (around 10%+ abv), chewy, dark and fruity beer

French, wine-based aperitif, flavoured with quinine

The gin is infused with the flavours and aromas of these five botanicals. The first distillation tak

A raspberry-flavored cordial, sometimes called creme de framboise.

Real Ale
Ale which is a live product at the point of delivery, i.e. Still containing live yeast. This include

Red Army
This ultra-premium vodka bursts with the flavor of the finest grains and the smoothness of Russian k

Remy Martin
With the exquisite taste of Fine Champagne grapes, it is aged twice as long as required by law

Remy Martin Louis XIII
The highest quality Cognac available. And it's made from 100% Grande Champagne grapes

Remy Martin XO

Rhum Barbancourt
Hatian rum.

Rhum J.M.
Bouquet of white pepper and lillies giving way to pineapple, raspberry and warm biscuits on the pala

Richard Hennessy
This perfectly balanced aromatic cognac is the quintessential Hennessy.

A drink that is a cross between a collins and a sour. It consists of lime or lemon juice, club soda,

Rock And Rye
An amber-colored American liqueur originally made from rye whiskey and rock candy.

Ron Palma Mulata
The golden Cuban rum with its 38% has stronger flavour compared to Silver dry

A pink, fruity type of wine made from red grapes.

Rum can be made from 2 different raw materials

The oldest native American whiskey, originally manufactured in the 1600s by Scotch and Irish settler

Rye Whiskey
Mainly American and Canadian whiskey which must be made from a mash containing at least 51 per cent

An orange flavored liqueur with a hint of chocolate, from Israel.

This traditional drink of Japan, a bit on the sweet side, is commonly referred to as 'rice wine', wh

An Italian liqueur flavored with anise. The Italians often serve it 'with flies', which is actually

Sambuca Molinari
Italy's largest selling Sambuca. 84 proof.

Made with whiskey, gin, rum, or brandy, with port wine floated on top, or with wine, ale porter or s

A delicate sweet white wine from the Bordeaux region of France, made from grapes that have been infe

The word 'schnapps' (from the German Schnappen, to snap) refers to a mixture of vodka, gin, brandy o

Scotch whiskey is produced only in Scotland. Some Scotch whiskeys sold in the United States are prod

Scotch Whisky
Blends are a mixture of about 40 per cent malt and 60 per cent grain whisky and are most suitable to

A straight shot of spirits taken neat.

Simple Syrup
A combination of water and granulated sugar that, when boiled, condenses into a clear, sweet syrup

Sint Maarten Guavaberry
This liqueur is made from local guavaberries on the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Skyy Citrus Vodka
Vodka flavored with lime, lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit.

Skyy Cosmo Mix
Non-alcoholic mix flavored with lime, cranberry, orange.