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Superglossary - Liquor
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Date & country: 11/12/2013, US
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Eau De Vie
All spirits distilled from fermented fruits, starting with wine-based Cognac and armagnac.

Egg White
An egg white is an excellent way to put a head on a drink. It also cuts harshness and makes for a sm

El Tesoro
El Tesoro de Don Felipe is the last of its kind. This is the only tequila still produced entirely in

Elijah Craig
Elijah Craig 18-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon, the oldest Single Barrel Bourbon available in the wo

Evan Williams
Evan Williams bourbons come in variety of prices and qualities

Extase XO Orange Liqueur
The rich flavor of Extase X.O. is held in perfect balance by the smooth taste of a 20 year-old X.O.

Ezra Brooks
Dark gold with a dark orange cast. Moderately full-bodied. Reminiscent of dried citrus

A sweet syrup of Caribbean origin made from ginger, almonds, limes, and other various fruits and her

A brand of rum distilled in Trinidad.

An extremely bitter Italian herbal apertif or digestif made from cinchoma bark, gentium, rhubarb, ca

A high-proof (94) popular vodka imported from Finland.

Fino Sherry
A pale, very dry Spanish sherry.

Fior D Alpi
A liqueur that is flavored with Alpine flowers and herbs. Name means 'Alpine Flowers'.

A sour drink, usually made with pineapple syrup and crushed ice.

Made from liquor, citris juices and sugar. Shaken with ice and strained into a highball glass. Soda

A stemmed maraschino cherry affixed by means of a toothpick or sword to a fruit garnish.

An egg nog and fizz combination. Made with liquor, egg, sugar, and shaved ice, shaken well, and Spri

Forbidden Fruit
An American liqueur made from shaddock (grapefruit) and cognac

Cordial made from alcoholic syrup, white wine and strawberries.

Cordial made from raspberries,with high a alcohol content.

An Italian liqueur made with wild hazelnuts, berries and flowers. 56 proof.

Any mixture of liqueurs over finely crushed ice.

This Cognac comes from the area that is known today as Grande Champagne cru

A sweet Italian liqueur that is based on up to 80 herbs, roots, berries, and flowers from the Alpine

George Dickel
A quality Tennessee whiskey.

Gin is basically grain alcohol, mostly corn (75%) with some malted barley (15%) and other grains (10

A Scotch-based liqueur that is flavored with heather honey, orange peel, and various herbs.

A famous high-quality single malt brand of unblended Scotch whiskey made by William Grant of Glenfid

The greatest name in Scotch whiskey. The ultra whiskey-producing area in scotland is a 900 square mi

Golden Rum
Also known as anejo, a light-bodied rum of golden color from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islan

Orinally made by Danzig in 1598, goldwasser is a spicy citrus flavored liqueur with 22k gold flakes

Grain-Neutral Spirits
Otherwise known as grain alcohol, alcohol distilled from grain at 190 proof. Colorless and tasteless

Grand Marnier
A cognac brandy based liqueur flavored with orange. Produced by Ste. Marnier Lapostolle of France. 8

An Italian brandy distilled from the pulpy mass of skins, pits, stalks left in the wine press after

A cherry flavoring used in a variety of drinks such as the Sling or the Shirley Temple. Non-Alcoholi

Originally a mixture of rum and water that was issued to sailors in the royal navy and later improve

The origin of this eaux-de-vie that makes this Cognac rare and excellent dates back to the 1870s

Harveys Bristol Cream
Well known blend of old olorosos, finos and amontillados sweetened with Pedro Ximenez, this amber-co

Havana Club 3 Anos
Havana Club 3 Anos is the most prestigious of all the white rums and adds an air of quality to any b

Havana Club Anejo
Havana Club Anejo blanco reflects cubas experience in making light white rums

Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos
Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos embodies cuban rum making excellence and is recognised as one of the best n

Havana Club Anejo Especial
Havana Club Anejo especial is a premium golden rum, which combines the best of both white and dark r

Havana Club Anejo Reserva
Havana Club Anejo Reserva is the classic example of the exceptional smoothness of cuban rum

Havana Club Barrel Proof
Havana Club Barrel Proof is a unique concept in rum as in the fact it is bottled straight from the b

Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo
Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo is hand crafted from extra rare aged rums and enshrined in a crystal

Cognac is made exclusively from grapes. It comes from a clearly defined region of France, around the

Hennessy V.S.O.P
Hennessy V.S.O.P. is a subtle and spicy blend of cognac

Hennessy VS
The powerful bouquet is dominated by overtones of oak, giving way to reveal a delicate scent of haze

Hennessy XO
The first extra Old cognac, is powerful, masculine and generous - a genuine pleasure. It releases wo

Any liquor served with ice, soda, plain water, ginger-ale or other carbonated beverages.

Hine Cognac
Aged an average of 45 to 55 years, Family Reserve is made of Cognacs from the Grande Champagne distr

Hollands Gin (Genievive)
The type of old-style gin still produced and favored by the Dutch. Hollands gin is hearty, robust, a

Hypnotic Liquor
Combines the most exceptional characteristics of Pure Cognac, Premium Vodka, and natural Tropical Fr

Irish Whiskey
The Irish have been making whiskey for 700 years and are said to have invented the stuff. The main d

Jack Daniels
A whiskey of the bourbon type, made in Tennessee, which is perhaps the most famous whiskey made in A

This complex, aromatic concoction containing some 56 herbs, roots and fruits has been popular in ger

Jamaican Rum
Full-bodied, pungent rum, dark in color, and decidedly heavier and richer in taste than light bodied

Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker is proven it is the world's most popular whisky, as it has a distinctive taste and st

Jose Cuervo Black Medallion
Jose Cuervo Black Medallion, a new signature quaility blend to join the Tequila family that

Jose Cuervo Classico
Although Cl

Jose Cuervo Especial
The free spirit of Cuervo Especial which is also known in most countries as

Jose Cuervo Flavoured Tequila
Fianlly there is a flavoured liquor with tequial attitude, comes in orange, lemon and tropical

Jose Cuervo Reserva
Reserva de la Familia is the Jose Cuervo familys finest Tequila to date

Jose Cuervo Tradicional
Tequila aficionados will always know to choose the best tequila - Jose Cuervo Tradicional. This awar

Originally a sweet syrup, now a family of spirit-based cocktails, flavoured and decorated with fresh

Coffee liqueur originating in Mexico made from mexican coffee beans.

Keke Beach
A key lime liqueur.

Grande Champagne Cognac, France, 80 Proof 750 ml

Ketel One
Ketel One Vodka is the creation of one of Holland's oldest distilling dynasties

Colourless cherry-flavoured eau-de-vie, mainly from France and Switzerland

A strong, dry black cherry fruit brandy made by both the Germans and the French.

Klipdrift Brandy
South African brandy.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A cordial liqueur of Dutch origin made from caraway seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and aniseed,

Kwai Feh
A lychee-flavored liqueur.

Lai Jiu
Literally 'milk liquor', it is made by taking cow's milk, fermenting it, and distilling it. It is a

Fruity soft sparkling drinks made with fresh, natural juice.

Light Rum
Rums lighter in body though not necessarily in color than their dark, heavy-bodied Jamaican cousins.

Light Whiskey
American whiskey, lighter in taste and body than its conventional whiskey predecessors. It is distil

An increasingly popular French apertif, light and dry, that comes in two versions, white and red.

Lillet Blond (Blanc)
An aperitif wine that has subtle flavors of honey, orange, lime, and mint.

Lillet Rouge
An aperitif wine that is spicy and flavored with essences of vanilla and berries.

A distinctive, premium liqueur made with the juice of fresh lemons from Southern Italy

An alcoholic beverage that is manufactured by adding flavorings such as strawberry, orange, or almon

Liqueur Okolehao
Liqueur Okolehao is made with aged whiskey, tropical flavors and the ancient and revered Hawaiian Ti

Alcoholic beverage most often distilled, rather than fermented.

Locran Ora
Lochan Ora will appeal to lovers of Drambuie. This Scotch-based liqueur features its own secret tast

London Dry Gin
The type of clear dry gin popular in Britain and the United States, highly suited to mixing drinks i

London Gin
The driest gin available.

Low Ball
A short drink consisting of spirits served with ice alone, or with water or soda in a short glass. A

Lush Creamed Vodka
Vodka flavored with cream soda.

Makkeolli is a crude, raw rice wine in Korea. It is very cheap and easily found at any market. It is

A white rum-based liqueur which is flavored with coconut.

Mandarine Napoleon
A French brandy-based liqueur that is flavored with tangerine skins. Grand Marnier is widely preferr

A very sweet white cherry liqueur made from the marasca cherry of dalmatia, Yugoslavia. This liqueur

Italian, cherry-flavoured liqueur - usually colourless, but may be red

Marie Brizard
French producer of high quality liqueurs.

Marquis De Montesquiou Armagnac
A fine combination of white grapes 10% Folle Blanche with very delicate floral aromas

Popular Italian brand of vermouth produced by Martini and Rossi and also the name of a classic cockt

Complex yet velvety smooth, with a pronounced bouquet and flavour