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Stream Net - Fisheries management
Category: Agriculture and Industry > Fisheries Management
Date & country: 27/04/2012, US
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Virtual Population
Utilized stock.

The most anterior bone of the roof of the mouth; may bear teeth.

An open ditch or canal that discharges excess irrigation water or power plant effluent into the river channel.

Water banking
An administrative system for renting surplus water.

Water budget
A provision of the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program that calls for increasing Columbia and Snake River Flows during the spring fish migration with the intent of increasing downstream survival of migrating juvenile salmon and steelhead.

Water Resources
The supply of groundwater and surface water in a given area.

Water yield
The quantity of water derived from a unit area of watershed.

An area of land thats total surface drainage flows to a single point in a stream.

Watershed restoration
Improving current conditions of watersheds to restore degraded fish habitat and provide long-term protection to aquatic and riparian resources.

Weir (fish trap)
Usually a barrier constructed to catch upstream migrating adult fish.

Wet meadow
Areas where grass predominate. Normally waterlogged within a few inches of the ground surface.

Wild populations
Fish that have maintained successful natural reproduction with little or no supplementation from hatcheries.

Trees or parts of trees felled by high winds.

Wildlife tree
A live tree retained to become future snag habitat.

A tree or trees uprooted or felled by the wind.

Forest land producing trees not typically used as saw timber products and not included in calculation of the commercial forest land allowable sale quantity.

Woody debris
Referring to wood in streams.


A one year old fish.

The weight or number of fish removed by fishing during a defined time period.

The food part of an egg.

Small aquatic animals that are suspended or swimming in water.