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Hats UK - Hats info
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St. Clement I
3rd Bishop of Rome, + c. 100 A.D. Patron saint of hatters in England, celebrated November 23. By tradition, the discoverer of felt.

Originally gum Arabic, mucilage, shellac or gelatin, now superseded by cellulose or pva based chemicals. It is applied by hand or dipped, to stiffen felt or straw.

Stocking cap
Knitted cap, usually conical, often finished with a pompon.

Stovepipe hat
A tall 19th century top hat, made popular by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Suede felt
Fur felt hood or capeline with short nap surface texture resembles suede.

Tam o'shanter
Beret with close-fitting headband, usually trimmed with a pompon.

The top part of the crown.

French term for a chef's tall white hat.

Small hat for a woman, close-fitting brimless or nearly brimless hat.

Men's hat of the 18th century wide brims were folded up to form three points.

The Trilby is a soft felt hat, usually made of fur felt (rabbit) it has a dented crown and flexible brim, the shape originates from the Austrian Tyrol it usually had a small feather trimming.

A Canadian cap made by tucking in one tapered end of a long cylindrical bag, closed at both ends.

Typical head-dress for Muslim and Sikh men, constructed by winding a long scarf around the head.

15th century British term for hats.

A covering of fine fabric or net, for the head, face, or both, for protection, concealment, adornment or ceremonial purpose, especially the white transparent one often worn by a bride

Velour felt
Fur felt hood or capeline with uniform nap and velvet-like surface texture.

Cone or capeline of rayon fiber, made to look like parrasisal with a 1x1 or 2x2 weave.

A partial brim, usually extending out at the front of a hat or cap. Also known as a peak used as a shade against the sun .

Wheat Straw single or double
A stiff coarse straw, usually left its natural golden brown colour. Single wheat is 1x1 weave double wheat is 2x2 weave.

Widow's peak
A close-fitting cap with a point extending down at the center of the forehead. Originally worn as a mourning bonnet by Caterina de Medici. Also a point of hair over the forehead, like the cusped front of the widow's cap formerly worn.

A woven and sized material made of esparto grass and cotton, used for making the base of fashion hats. Also known as esparterie and spartre.

A veil folded so as to cover the head and neck and closely frame the cheeks, a fashion of the Middle Ages that remained part of a nun's dress

Capeline made of an oriental straw.