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AUTRC - Trampolining terms
Category: Sport and Leisure > Trampolining
Date & country: 28/03/2011, UK
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Synch, synchronisation
How well the pair of synchro competitors are in time with each other, judged by the difference in height of the landing.

Two people jumping on separate trampolines in time with each other

Numerical score given to a move/routine based on the amount of rotation, twist, shape, etc.

The Zone
A psychological condition where a competitor, shortly before and during a competition, can block out all external disturbances to maximise concentration on the performance

1. "Having a go" at a move, without practising and mastering all the progressions. Usually unsafe and leads to bad technique.

Tilt Twist
A method of mid-air twist where the body's symmetry is changed during somersault (lateral) rotation, causing a difference in moments between the left and right sides, which results in a twist around the longitudinal (twisting) axis.

Movement along the trampoline bed in the same direction as the rotation, ie. travelling backwards in a back somersault

Trial judging
Judging done by the panel, guided by the superior judge, before a competition starts (usually during competitors warm-up), to set a consistent benchmark of judging

Alternative, slang, name for 'move'

Triffus, triff
Any triple somersault with twist

Body position with legs bent at the knees and hips. For competition, both angles must be 135

From front landing, full twist around the dorso-ventral axis to land on front. Also half-turntable, where rotation is 180

Generic term for a twisting single somersault, eg. full, rudi, double full, randy, etc.

Voluntary routine in competition (the performer's choice of moves, and is awarded tariff score).

Drawing the arms in near the body to speed up the twist