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Goodcooking - Wine definitions database
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To add hot or spicy ingredients such as cayenne pepper, mustard or Tabasco sauce to a food. Sauce Diable is a classic French sauce made with demi-glace and Dijon mustard.

Italian cooking term for for a hot and spicy tomato sauce, deviled.

To cut into small cubes.

To cut food into cubes. The cubes can be small, medium or large. Dicing is slightly less exact as cubing is but still should have uniformity.

Direct heat
A grilling method that allows food to be cooked directly over the high heat of a flame source.

Dirty rice
A Louisiana Cajun dish or rice cooked with chicken gizzards and livers.

To place small bits of an ingredient such as butter on foods at random intervals for the purpose of adding flavor and to aid in browning during cooking.

Double a recipe
To increase recipe amounts by two.

A combination of ingredients usually including flour, water or milk, and, sometimes, a leavener, producing a pliable mixture for making baked goods.

Italian for Tarragon.

Completely coating in flour and shaking off the excess.

Drippings are the liquids and bits of food left in the bottom of a roasting or frying pan after meat is cooked.

Pouring a liquid such as as melted butter, olive oil or other liquid in a slow trickle over food.

Du jour
French for 'of the day' as in soup du jour - soup of the day.

Spanish for Sweet.

Sprinkling flour on a work surface to evenly coat it, or as with spices, sugar, or bread crumbs, light coating a food item.

Early-Bird Special
An American term for a restaurant meal served at discount prices prior the the restaurant's busiest hours. It is offered to attract extra business during a normally slow time.

Japanese for Shrimp.

Egg albumen
The white of an egg.

Egg wash
A mixture of beaten eggs, yolks, whites, or both with milk or water. Used in the standard breading process of foods. May be used to coat baked goods to give them a shine when baked. Also may be used as a sealant of pieces of dough.

Egg wash
An egg beaten with water or milk. Used in baking or breading for deep frying.

Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs served on toasted English muffins with Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce and black truffles.

German for Ice Cream.

Mexican for Corn.

A mixture of oil and liquid in which tiny globules of one are suspended in the other. Stabilizers, such as egg or mustard may be used. Classic example is vinaigrette salad dressing.

En croute
French for in a crust.

In the United States it refers to the main dish. In France it's a term that referrers to the first course of a meal, served after the soup and before the meat course. 

French for Swordfish.

A strong dark coffee brewed under steam pressure. Popular in many European countries, it is the base for other coffee drinks such as Cappuccino

Fat back
Fresh pork fat.

en Casa

French for fennel.

Italian for fig.

A boneless and skinless piece of meat cut away from the bone, usually fish.

Filet Mignon
A well trimmed center cut steak from the whole beef tenderloin.

To remove the bones from fish or meat for cooking.

To remove impurities by passing through paper, cheesecloth or chinoise.

Restaurant slang for 'begin cooking the dish'.

Firm-ball stage
The point where boiling syrup dropped in cold water forms a ball that is compact yet gives slightly to the touch. 243 degrees F.

To ignite liquid that contains an alcoholic substance so that it flames.

Open tart filled with sweet or savory ingredients, i.e. a chocolate ganache flan. Second it is a Spanish dessert of baked custard covered with caramel. 

German for meat.

Puff pastry baked in a crescent or other shapes and used as a garnish.

It is food garnished or cooked with spinach.

To create a decorative scalloped edge on a pie crust or pastry. Also mushrooms and vegetables are fluted to give them an attractive cut and rolled symmetric edging.

To gently combine and aerate two or more ingredients using a bottom-to-top or side-to-side motion with a spoon or spatula.

A warm creamy dish made of cheese, eggs, wine, brandy and or other items. Served warm with toasted bread cubes, vegetables or stale bread cubes in which the bread is skewered and then dipped in the hot creamy mixture before eating it.

French for fork.

Italian for strawberries.

A stew in which usually poultry is cut up, fried in butter, and then simmered in a liquid with vegetables until done.

A flat Italian style omelet that is baked and not folded.

A deep fried sweet or savory food coated or mixed in a batter. Conch fritters are popular in South Florida as Corn Fritters are popular in the Southeastern United States.

To fry thin julienne of vegetables in hot oil until crisp and slightly curly.

To cook food in hot cooking oil, usually until a crisp brown crust forms.

A rich stock that cooks for a short period of time and with a higher concentration of meats, vegetables, wine and seasonings.

Italian for Crab.

A chocolate filling or coating made with chocolate, egg yolks and heavy cream. Most often used as a filling for truffles and coating for cakes such as Boston Cream Pie.

German for Shrimp, Prawns.

A decorative piece of an edible ingredient placed as a finishing touch to dishes or drinks. A simple rose made from a radish or sprig of parsley is a garnish.

The gizzard or sand sack of poultry. It's popular to boil, skin, clean and dice these and then add them to turkey gravy for giblet gravy.

An alcoholic drink made with gin and Rose's Lime Juice.

Glace de viande
A meat glaze. Boil down a meat stock until it is reduced to a syrup. Used to add flavor to sauces and soups.

A liquid that gives an item a shiny surface. To cover a food with a shiny liquid. Melted apricot jam is a popular glaze.

Gluten is a wheat protein that gives yeast dough its characteristic elasticity and chewyness..

Japanese for Rice.

A French savory made with cream puff paste, gruyere cheese and baked like little cream puffs.

A connoisseur of food and wine.

To shred food into fine pieces by rubbing it against a coarse surface. Grating cheese or lemon rind are 2 examples.

Food mixed together then baked until cooked, set and golden brown. Cheese or egg yolks are often and important ingredient.

A thick sauce made from pan drippings, other liquids and thickened with a starch such as a roux.

To coat a pan or skillet with a thin layer of oil.

Green Meat
Meat that has not had no aging to become tender and flavorful.

Cook directly over the heat source on metal racks or rods in the open air.

French for Grilled Meat.

To mechanically cut a food into small pieces.

German for Cucumber.

A Greek-American sandwich made with rotisserie-roasted lamb that is sliced and served on pita bread.

Indian for Turmeric.

A Middle-Eastern confection of mashed sesame seeds and honey.

Halve a recipe
Reduce the amounts of a recipe by 50%.

Hard-ball stage
In candy making, the point at which syrup has cooked long enough to form a solid ball in cold water. Between 250-268 degrees F.

A dish made of onions, leftover meats, potatoes and seasonings. It is molded and then crisply pan-fried and served with poached eggs and or demi-glace and vegetables.

A Hawaiian coconut custard dessert.

A wine term to describe the high alcohol content in a wine.

Herbes de Provence
A blend of herbs consisting of chervil, tarragon, chives, rosemary and lavender. There are many recipes for this blended used in the south of France, some may include fennel.

Spanish to Boil.

A small Japanese open fire grill that uses charcoal.

Corn kernels with the germ and bran removed with lye. A popular Southern United States porridge.

Hors d'Oeuvres
Small individual portions of foods, canapés, served as appetizers before a meal.

Spanish for Eggs.

Huevos rancheros
A Mexican dish of fried eggs on tortillas with a spicy tomato-chile sauce and Monterey Jack cheese.

French for Oil.

To remove the leafy and stem parts off fruits such as strawberries.

German for Lobster.

To spread frosting on a cake, cupcake or pastry. Also to cool down cooked food by placing in ice and water.

Japanese for Squid.

In the weeds
Restaurant slang for it's too busy and I can't keep up with the work, I'm behind schedule.

Indian Pudding
A New England dessert made with cornmeal, milk, eggs and molasses

Italian for Endive.

To flavor a liquid with one or more other flavors by steeping the liquid with the other ingredients and then straining it. Tea is a perfect example of infusing a liquid with the flavor of tea leaves.