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ECTextile - textile terms
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Date & country: 24/09/2008, US
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The North Face's wicking stretch nylon fabric. Used in its line of trail clothes.

Transport EC2
Terramar Sports Worldwide's proprietary base layer fabric that relies on an electrostatic treatment that literally shocks beads of condensing sweat, causing them to divide into individual water molecules that evaporate more efficiently. This is not the same as wicking.

Any fabric consisting of a blend of three fibers; frequently cotton/polyester/nylon or polyester/nylon/Lycra.

Duofold's tri-blend base layer fabric made from wool, acrylic, and polyester.

Triple Point Ceramic
Lowe Alpine's microporous, polyurethane, waterproof/breathable coating that has porous ceramic particles to enhance breathability. It comes in three versions - 1200, 1400, and 1600, used in conjunction with different types of fabrics.

Textured with an ultra low pile velour face and velour back. The texture is made visible by use of a black yarn.

One of the three basic weaves, twills are characterized by diagonal warp and filling lines in the fabric. Most twills are at a 45 degree angle.See also plain weave, satin.

Burlington Industries microporous polyurethane coating. Applied to the inside of numerous fabrics that have a Durapel DWR treatment on the outside.

No coating

vapor barrier layer
Also called vapor barrier liner, or VBL. A thin, plastic-like layer of clothing that traps heat vapor in extremely cold conditions.See Fuzzy Stuff.

North Face's wicking base layer polyester fabric. Used in trail apparel.

The yarns that run lengthwise in fabric, woven with the filling.

water repellent
Used to describe a fabric that is able to resist getting soaked by water. Good water repellent fabrics will cause water to bead up on the surface.

water resistant
Used to describe fabrics that initially repel water under low impact, but eventually get soaked. This is achieved through dense construction or coating. Most nylon, microfiber, and other shell fabrics are water resistant, but not waterproof.

Term used to describe fabric that blocks out water completely. To be waterproof, garments must be seam sealed and have protected zippers.Also referred to as weatherproof.

waterproof/breathable (WP/B)
Fabrics that prevent water entry, yet allow sweat vapor to escape.

Alpine Design's texturized polyester Gore-Tex laminate.

Same as waterproof.

Weatherstop Select
Alpine Design's coated Taslan/ nylon. Used in shellwear and down garments.

Alpine Design's two-layer Gore-Tex coated 70-denier ripstop shell fabric.

A type of fabric construction of overlapping yarns. Woven fabrics tend to drape over the body, while knitted fabrics tend to mold and fit to body shapes. Woven fabrics don't recover from wrinkling as easily as knitted fabrics, but because their yarns are more closely situated, wovens naturally provide better wind and water resistance.

Wicked Wick
Not Just Johns' Thermal Dynamics wicking base layer polyester fabric that is made by Milliken.

A quality of a fabric in which it pulls moisture and sweat away from the skin and dispersing it throughout a material. Wicking is a critical attribute in high-performance base layers.

Wind Resistant
Highly wind-resistant. Blocks 95% wind and is warm without added weight. Also is very breathable & has a water-repellent surface that dries quickly. Durable, machine washable.

Window Pane
Window pane grid pattern

Highly wind-resistant blocks 95% wind, warm w/o weight, highly breathable water-repellent surface, dries quickly, durable machine washable

Blocks 95% of the wind, High Breathability for active sports, water-repellent surface, 100% polyester

Fabric that prevents wind from moving through it. Fabrics can be windproof because of tight weave or because they have been coated. All waterproof fabrics are also windproof.

WindStopper Fleece
Gore'spile fabric made of a windproofmembranelaminated tofleece.

A natural fabric made from the hair of various hairy animals, usually sheep. Untreated wool is bulky, shrinks easily and absorbs water quickly, but unlike cotton, keeps you warm when wet. Boiled wool fabric is called hot-washed or felted. It has a tighter, more water-resistant weave, and it is less subject to extreme shrinking than plain wool weaves.

Borg's 100 percent recycled pile fabric made from plastic soda bottles.

A coating which repels water stains.