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CSAW - Timber building terms
Category: Architecture and Buildings > Building terms
Date & country: 16/09/2008, AU
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trussed beam
A timber beam reinforced with a trussed metal tension rod (see also barrup truss)

A spiral distortion along the length of a piece of timber

unseasoned timber
Timber in which the average moisture content exceeds 25 %

vapour Barrier
In kiln drying, a material with high resistance to vapour movement that is applied to the surfaces of a dry kiln to prevent moisture migration

A thin layer or sheet of wood

Facing a substrate with a thin layer of ornamental wood

In kiln drying, an opening in the kiln roof or wall that can be opened and closed to control the humidity in the kiln

vertically laminated timber
Laminated timber designed to resist bending loads applied parallel to the wide face of the laminations. For vertical loads, this means that the wide face runs vertically

Tube-like structure of indeterminate length in hardwoods which carry water and nutrients from the roots

volume, green
The volume of wood determined from measurements made while the entire piece of wood is above the fibre saturation point, about 30% moisture content

The absence of wood on any face or edge of a piece of timber, leaving exposed the original underbark surface with or without bark

The absence of wood, other than wane, from the arris or surface of a piece of timber

Any variation from a true and plane surface. It includes bow, cup and twist and is often caused by irregular seasoning

warp restraint
In drying timber and other wood products, the application of external loads to a rack, stack or pack to prevent or reduce warp

Bound - The water weakly chemically bound in the cell walls of wood. Free - The water within cavities or lumens, in the cells of wood. Vapour - The invisible, gaseous form of water. The amount of vapour present in a body of air is expressed either in terms of absolute humidity or relative humidity

water repellent
A liquid that penetrates wood which, after drying, materially retards changes in moisture content and in dimensions without adversely altering the desirable properties of wood

water-repellent preservative
A water repellent that contains a preservative which, after application to wood and drying, accomplishes the dual purpose of imparting resistance to attack by fungi or insects and also retards changes in moisture content

wavy figure
Markings in the form of waves or undulations. Figures with large undulations are described as 'wavy', while others with small, irregular undulations are 'curly', and those with small, regular undulations are 'fiddleback'

Boards that cover external surfaces and overlap to keep out the rain

The mechanical or chemical disintegration and discolouration of the surface of wood caused by exposure to light, the action of dust and sand carried by winds, and the alternate shrinking and swelling of the surface fibres with the variation in moisture content. Weathering does not include decay

Any transverse lateral stiffener

wild figure
Irregular markings

Land that, together with its plant and animal communities, is in a state that has not been substantially modified by and is remote from the influences of European settlement or is capable of being restored to such a state; is of sufficient size to make its maintenance in such a state feasible; and is capable of providing opportunities for solitud...

wind bracing
Bracing members required to resist the forces on a structure resulting from wind pressure

wind post
A column that stiffens a framed wall against wind loads

The hard compact fibrous substance of which trees and shrubs are largely composed

The degree of ease and smoothness of cut obtainable with hand or machine tools