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Homeserve - Plumbing glossary
Category: General technical and industrial > Plumbing
Date & country: 16/12/2007, UK
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Plumber's Mate
A pliable, popular putty used to seal joints between drain pieces and fixture surfaces.

A ceramic ware that consists of kalin, quartz and feldspar, and is white. Fired at high temperatures on steel to make the surface of bathtubs and kitchen sinks.

Porcelain Enamelled Steel Bath
The ultimate in durability and rigidity - and guaranteed for 25 years. (UK and Ireland) You should choose from standard or heavy gauge if you are buying a new one.

Power shower
A shower using a pump to boost the flow of water to give a powerful shower spray. Generally used where there is insufficient water pressure on gravity fed water supplies.

Pressure Accumulator
A vessel which contains a device either to accommodate thermal expansion of water or to absorb the pressure shock waves of water hammer.

Pressure Balancing Valve
Maintains a constant water temperature by using a mixing valve that balances incoming hot and cold water supplies. It is designed to maintain a constant shower temperature.

Pressure Compensating
See Pressure Balancing Valve.

Pressure Relief Device
A safety device fitted to relieve excessive pressure within an electric shower heater - generally a 'use once' device which requires replacement after the problem has been rectified. Hence, if your plumber tells you it is faulty & you need a new one, he is likely to be telling you the truth.

Polytetrafluorethylene (hence the acronym) tape used to seal threaded plumbing joints.

Pump Hose
A flexible pipe that connects the pump to rigid pipe-work.

Push fit Connectors
Plumbing connector which just pushes onto the pipe-work rather than compression or capillary connectors - maybe plastic but suitable for both hot and cold water - sometimes referred to as 'Speedfit connectors' (one of the early brands). Available as straight, 'T', elbow and other configurations.

Quarter Turn Taps
Taps which can be turned on full by rotating the handle just 90 degrees.

See Built-in.

Right Angle Connector
See Wall Outlet Connector.

The edge of a lavatory or sink.

Riser or a Rising Main
Vertical pipe that feeds water to a fixture. Basically, it is the water pipe that supplies pressurised mains water to taps, tanks, appliances etc. Normally there is a single stop cock which controls the rising main within a property.

Riser Rail
See Wall Bar.

Running Pressure
See Dynamic Pressure.

Semi-recessed basin
A fitted basin which is 'semi-recessed' into a vanity unit or a range of units. It may also be more comfortable to bend over than a fully recessed vanity basin.

Servicing Valve
A valve for shutting off the flow of water in a pipe connected to a water fitting to facilitate the maintenance or servicing of that fitting.

Shower Head
A device designed to produce a spray pattern.

Shower Hose
A flexible pipe that connects between the shower head and the shower control.

Showering Station
See Wall Bracket.

Single Ended Pump
See Single Pump

Single Flow Taps
Hot and cold supplies come ready mixed from a single spout.

Single Lever Mixer Tap
A mixer tap with a single lever handle to controls the water flow of both the hot and cold water supplies.

Single Lever Tap
A single monobloc tap with a lever handle that controls both water flow and temperature.

Single Outlet Pump
See Single Pump.

Single Pump
A pump used for drawing water from a mixing valve for delivery to a shower.

A stationary basin connected with a drain and water supply for washing and drainage.

Slide Bar
See Wall Bar.

Slip Joint
A connection made with compression fittings.

Solder Connector
See Capillary Connector.

Solenoid Valve
An electrically operated valve giving either no flow or full flow.

Stack Pipe
High level vent pipe for the main soil pipe.

Standing Pressure
See Static Pressure.

Static Pressure
The water pressure existing at a fitting when no flow is taking place.

Stop Valve
A valve that controls the flow of water to an individual fixture, allowing water supply to be stopped to one fixture without affecting the water supply to other fixtures.

More commonly called a Stop Valve. A valve that is used for regulating water flow.

A screen to prevent debris from entering a water fitting.

Supply Pipe
A pipe conveying mains cold water around the home.

Supply Stop Valve
A valve used to isolate the mains cold water supply within a home.

Tail (on a tap)
The threaded section (or copper pipes on a Monobloc tap) that are connected to the water supply pipe.

Tap Seat
The supply orifice within a tap body (except ceramic taps) on to which the washer is compressed to seal off the water.

A T-shaped fitting with three openings.

Thermal Storage Hot Water System
A hot water system where cold mains pressure water is heated (instantaneously) as it passes through a heat exchanger surrounded by a stored volume of hot water.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve
A device which mixes hot and cold water. It compensates for variations in the temperature and, or pressure of the incoming water supplies, so as to maintain a selected blend temperature.

Three Hole Mixer Tap
Separate hot and cold handles blend water through a central spout.

An Electrical device for converting mains voltage to low voltage.

A water filled seal in the waste run from a bath, basic, or sink, etc which prevents fumes coming back from the drains.

Twin Ended Pump
See Twin Pump.

Twin Impeller Pump
See Twin Pump.

Twin Pump
A pump with two independent inputs and outputs typically used for boosting both hot and cold supplies to a shower mixer and/or other terminal fittings (Two pumps can be used in place of a twin pump).

Two Hole Mixer Tap
A mixer tap requiring two separate holes for the water feeds in the sink etc. - as opposed to a Monobloc tap.

In the opposite direction to flow towards a given point of reference (against the flow of water from a given point of reference).

A device that regulates water flow.

Vanity Basin
A fitted basin which is completely surrounded by a counter top.

Vent Pipe
An uninterrupted safety pipe which allows air or expansion of water within a hot water system to escape to atmosphere - normally positioned over a tank/cistern so that any water is discharged into it.

Wall Bar
A vertical rail assembly to allow height adjustment of a hand shower.

Wall Bracket
Fixed device for holding hand showers.

Wall Elbow
See Wall Outlet Connector.

Wall Hung
A WC where the pan is suspended or hung from a wall rather than being fitted to the floor. Basins and bidets can also be wall hung. This makes for a clean, minimal look, as well as for easy cleaning. This is a European look which is becoming more popular in the UK.

Wall Outlet Connector
Wall mounted device to enable a flexible shower hose to be connected to concealed pipe-work.

Warning Pipe or Vent
An overflow pipe positioned so that its outlet is in a conspicuous position so that the discharge can be readily seen.

Water Fittings
Includes pipes, taps, ferrules, valves, cisterns, mixing valves and similar apparatus used in connection with the supply of water within a home.

Wrap-over Seat
The WC seat is designed with a lid that 'wraps over' the seat ring producing a stylish, easy-to-clean, comfortable design.

Yorkshire Fitting
A capillary connector incorporating a solder ring - an original brand name.