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Teachernet - A to Z of School Leadership
Category: Education > School leadership
Date & country: 15/12/2007, UK
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School leaving date
A person is of compulsory school age when they attain the age of 5 and cease to be of compulsory school age on the last Friday in June in the school year in which they reach age 16.

School libraries
School libraries are a key resource for pupils.

School Profile
The Education Bill 2005 has removed the requirement for governing bodies to produce a Governors' Annual Report. The Governors' Annual Report has been replaced with the School Profile.

School prospectus
Governing bodies of maintained schools must publish a school prospectus.

School sixth form funding
The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) funds school sixth forms via LEAs.

School trips
Information about health and safety on educational visits.

Self evaluation
Rigorous self-evaluation lies at the heart of well managed and effective school improvement.

Speech and language therapy
Prime responsibility for the provision of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) services to children has rested with the NHS since 1974.

Staff recruitment
Head teachers have a professional duty to participate in the selection and appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff other than head teachers.

Supply teachers
The Government is taking steps to raise the status and quality of supply teaching.

Sure start
Sure Start is part of the Government's drive to eradicate child poverty in 20 years and to halve it in 10.

Sustainable development
A sustainable development strategy for schools is being rolled out by the DfES in gradual stages over 2003/2004.

Teachers' pay
The School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) reports on pay and conditions of school teachers in England and Wales.

Term dates
The Department does not control the length and timing of school holidays in Scotland and Wales; the Scottish Office and the Welsh Office make that decision.

Threshold assessment
Threshold assessment provides good teachers with an opportunity to apply for a consolidated pay increase of £2076 and access more pay.

Teachers' International Development Programme - Launched in 2000 the TIPD programme enables teachers to experience international educational systems by participating in visits to overseas schools to study themes of relevance to the curriculum.

Training & Development Agency (TDA)
The Training & Development Agency (TDA) was set up by the Education Act 2005.

Schools are not public places to which any member of the public is entitled to have access.

Unions and associations can be useful sources of information and advice for members.

Value for money
The Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 has made changes to the ways in which schools are funded so that a greater proportion of funding is devolved to schools for them to spend.

Work experience
Work experience is an important part of a young person's education.

Working with business
How working with businesses can help raise standards in schools.