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OfficeIQ - Builders glossary
Category: Architecture and Buildings
Date & country: 03/12/2007, UK
Words: 254

Sound bridge
A defect in an acoustic insulation system where sound is conducted from one area to another.

Space analysis
Another word for space audit.

Space audit
The process of gathering and analysing information about an organisation for the preparation of the accommodation strategy.

Space Planner
A specialist in the design of offices. (See Action 37)

Space Planning
The creating of a new design to meet your office requirements.

Space standard
A policy document stating how much and what kind of office space is given to each category of employee.

A written document detailing all the materials and products that will be used.

Speculative (spec) offices
Ones that are built with no particular tenant in mind.

Stage payment
The payment of an agreed amount when an agreed stage of the project has been completed.

Stamp duty
A tax charged on a legal document normally as a percentage of a property purchase price or rent.

Statutory Approvals
The necessary approvals needed from various Local Authority bodies before commencing fitting-out or refurbishment.

Statutory costs
Fees related to obtaining statutory approvals.

Steering committee
The group of people from within your company who are involved in the design and development of your project. (See Action 1)

Storage specialist
An expert in filing systems, archives etc. who will define a company's storage requirements. (See Action 39)

The removal of internal finishes and fixtures from a building.

Structural engineer
An expert in the strength of materials and their correct use in buildings. (See Action 39)

Structural survey
A report that covers all the aspects included in the remit of a structural engineer.

A firm that carries out one specialist aspect of a project.

An agreement lease between a tenant and another tenant.

Giving a sub-lease on part or the whole of your space to another tenant while retaining responsibility under your existing lease.

Electrical transformer that converts high voltage supply into lower voltage that can be used within the building.

Supervising officer
The person with authority to give instructions to a fitting-out contractor.

Surrender of Lease
Giving back a property before the lease expiry resulting in releasing the landlord and tenant of all liabilities previously held under the Lease Agreement.

A rather vague term for someone connected with surveying (a more specific title should usually be used such as building surveyor or commercial agent).

Suspended ceiling
A ceiling that is not part of the structure of a building. Usually these are made from metal grids hung on wires, into which tiles are laid.

The process of listing and analysing all the items and labour that will be needed for a particular part of the work.

Working remotely from the office, either at home or another location.

Tenants manual
A document describing in detail the materials and systems within a building, often produced as part of a marketing package for a prospective tenant.

The process of obtaining competitive quotes.

Tender document
A drawing or written document that forms part of a tender.

Tender package
A tender for work to be carried out by a sub-contractor.

The process of obtaining competitive quotations for goods or services.

The duration of a lease.

The conditions in a lease

Test fit
A preliminary space planning exercise to check suitability of a building for an occupier.

Touchdown station
An area which allows short periods of work, maybe standing up, allowing access to e-mail etc.

Trade contractor
A firm that carries out one specialist aspect of a contract.

A specialist builder, such as a plasterer or carpenter.

Traditional contract
A form of contract where the client appoints all the individual professionals and the fitting-out contractor. (See Action 14)

A tray or tube for carrying cables.

A contract where everything that is agreed is provided through one company.

A change to the project after the contract has commenced.

Variable air volume - a common type of air-conditioning.

Visual Display Unit - the screen on a computer.

Virtual office
An office outside the normal working environment, formed by linking computers in different locations to allow interactive working remotely.

A space in a floor, wall or ceiling for running cables and pipes e.g. Floor void, ceiling void. Also a term on architectural plans indicating an area where there is no floor, e.g. in an atrium or roof space.

Welcome booklet
A guide to the operating procedures of an office and local information, given to staff.

Wet riser
A vertical pipe onto which fire hoses can be connected, which permanently is full of water, even when not in use.

Window mullions
The vertical dividing framework in a row of windows.

Wire management
The process of routing and controlling cables connected to computers and other equipment in the workplace.

Working drawings
The drawings from which the project will be built.

Working methods
How you carry out the work of the business.

Office, factory or other place where work is done.

An arrangement of furniture where work is carried out, either in the office, or at home.