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Scrapbooking Pages - Hobbying glossary
Category: Hobbies and Crafts > Scrapbooking
Date & country: 13/11/2007, UK
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Paper tearing
A technique in scrapbooking where you tear paper, rather than cutting it to create a unique texture.

Paper Trimmer
Paper-cutting tool. Can be a rotary blade, or guillotine action.

Pattern Paper
Paper with designs repeated on the entire page.

Abbreviation for: Provo Craft (product brand)

Perforated Punches
Shapes that the scrapbooker can use as embellishments on a page by punching out on the perforations.

A particular card crafting style that utilizes vellum and punches. Normally in pergamano, you apply colour only to the back side of the vellum. This creates a light and airy effect.

Stands the test of time resisting chemical breakdown. Also can mean unmovable.

pH Level
Measurement that tells a scrapbooker how acidic or basic something is. For scrapbooking, you want to use products with a pH level of 7 or above.

pH Testing Pen
A pen used to test the acidity of paper. The pen mark changes colours, depending on the level of acid present.

Photo Activity Test (P.A.T.)
This test, created by the American National Standards Institute, determines if a product will damage photographs. If a product passes the P.A.T., it is safe to use with your photos.

Photo Corners
Paper with adhesive on the back used to stick photographs to a page on the corners. Used to stick photos without applying adhesive directly to the photograph.

Photo Safe
Acid and lignin free.

Abbreviation for: Pebbles Inc (product brand)

Pigma Pen
Pen with special pigment that is acid free and permanent.

Pocket Page
A scrapbook page with a built in pocket. Useful for holding memorabilia you may want to take out and look at like programs or other booklets.

Post-Bound Albums
Scrapbooking albums that are held together with metal posts that run through the pages.

Power Punch
A great tool used with punches that saves your thumb from blisters. Also makes punching a lot easier with less effort.

Pre-Embossed Paper
Paper with a raised design. Some of it is thick, like cardstock, and some is vellum.

Product Swap
When scrapbookers swap/trade unwanted scrapbooking items.

1. A tool used to create small shapes. 2. The shapes created by the punches.

Puzzle Templates
Templates in puzzle shapes.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chlorides)
Because this substance is harmful to photographs, scrapbookers should avoid it and use products that are composed of polypropylene.

A brand of portable personal die-cutting system. You buy letter or theme die cut templates, and the tool will cut them out for you.

A technique where you roll strips of paper into various shapes.

Red-Eye Pen
Used to take red-eye out of photographs.

A type of adhesive that can be stuck on paper and pulled back up and re-stuck.

Reversible Adhesive
An adhesive that can be undone.

Roller Stamps
Stamps mounted on a wheel. Some have interchangeable pattern wheels, and others self inking.

Rubber Cement
An adhesive that is not safe for Scrapbooking.

Rubber Stamp
A detailed, intricate design cut out of rubber and mounted on wood or foam. A design is made by applying coloured ink to the rubber and imprinting on paper.

Scrap lift
To use an idea for part or whole of a page layout you`ve seen someone else use.

The creative art of displaying your photos and memorabilia. Can incorporate journaling, and embellishments. The primary purpose of scrapbooking is to preserve memories for future generations, but a secondary purpose often is to exercise your creativity as you display your memories in a scrapbook.

Scroll and Brush Pens
Pens that have one tip for coloring and one for writing.

Secondary Colors
Colors created by blending primary colors. Orange, green and violet are the secondary colors created b mixing a combination of red, yellow and blue.

Abbreviation for a US scrapbooking company.

Self Healing Mat
A mat that can be repeatedly cut and still retains its form.

Serendipity Squares
Squares made by creating a torn collage of scraps on a background paper, then cutting it into squares and mounting on complimentary cardstock.

A tool used in attaching eyelets.

Shabby Chic
A style of scrapbooking that includes sanding, crumpling, and distressing paper to give an old and worn look to your page.

A colour with black added to it.

Shaker Box
A new trend (similar to a snow globe but without the water.) Use a die-cut and a piece cut out from a sheet protector. Seal in bits of confetti or small beads etc.

Shape Cutters
Tools designed to cut shapes (circles, ovals, stars, etc.). The scrapbooking cutters can be adjusted to create different sizes of these shapes.

Side Loading
Page protectors that slide over your album pages and are sealed at the top and bottom.

A brand of personal die cutting system.

Specialty Paper Books
Books that contain information about different papers, both pattern paper and plain. Some may come with extras, such as templates.

Spiral-Bound Books
Albums that are secured with a metal or plastic spiral binding running up the side of the album.

The transfer of ink to paper using a small sponge (usually a cosmetic or craft sponge) in place of a brush. The ink is applied to the sponge and then the sponge is dabbed/tapped lightly onto a piece of paper leaving a series of small dots. A sponge with many holes, squeezed tightly while sponging, will produce a beautiful lacy effect.

A plastic pre-cut template used to trace and cut shapes. Usually used on paper and/or photos. They may also be used to apply paint/chalk to a surface in a contrasting colour.

A decorative adhesive used to embellish a page. Ranging in size from a few centimeters across to a full page.

Strap-Hinge Albums
Scrapbooking albums secured with plastic straps that run through a holder directly on the pages and keep the book in place.

A wood/plastic/metal tool (in the shape of a stick) with blunt, rounded ends used to deboss paper (also known as a burnisher or a dry embossing tool).

A stencil used to trace shapes onto scrapbook pages or photos.

The overall idea or emphasis of a page/scrapbook.

Top Loading
An album or sheet protector in which your scrapbook page slides into your book from the top.

A bag or hard case you carry or pull on wheels used to carry your scrapbooking supplies.

A lightweight, translucent paper.

An archival paper with fabric-like, velvety texture.

An archival paper with fabric-like texture similar to a terry-cloth towel.

Walnut Ink
A photo safe ink that gives an aged effect to your embellishments.

Wax (or grease) Pencils
Soft pencils designed for use on photographs.

Wide-Edge Scissors
Decorative-edge scissors that make a cut that is five times deeper than normal scissors.

A class usually held at a scrapbooking store and taught by an expert. Participants bring photos and pages to work on and get advice from an instructor.

X-acto Knife
A super sharp hobby tool with a #11 blade used to cut intricate details.

Xyron Machine
A machine that creates stickers by applying an adhesive to cut outs. Also makes magnets, or laminations without the hazards of lamination

A brand of water-based marker.