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IT-Architects - Skills glossary
Category: Technical and IT
Date & country: 12/11/2007, UK
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(In topic `Mobile Internet`) WMLScript is a scripting language that can be mixed with WML to provide functionalities in the WAP application like JavaScript in HTML. (see WML)

Workstation-server Model
(In topic `architecture`) The ‘workstation-server Model` for Distributed Systems Architecture is one in which workstations and/or PC`s are scattered and connected by a LAN and in which each user has a dedicated machine. Each machine is mainly used as a  stand-alone system which can be connected to others for sharing resources (e.g. printers) and c

(In topic `architecture`) A wrapper is a form of glueware that is used to join together other software components.

(In topic `Mobile Internet`) WSP (Wireless Session Protocol) is one of the 5 main layers of the WAP architecture. It provides a means for the organised exchange of content between cooperating client-server applications.

(In topic `Mobile Internet`) WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol) is one of the 5 main layers of the WAP architecture. It is a lightweight transaction oriented protocol that is suitable for implementation in ‘thin clients` (ie mobile stations).

XML Schema
(In topic `Web Development`) XML Schema is the definition of the content used in an XML document.

(In topic `Web Development`) XSL (eXtensible Style Language) is used for separating style from content when creating XML documents. It includes both a transformation and formatting language which can be used independently of each other.

(In topic `Web Development`) XSLT (XML StyLe sheet Language Transformation) is the language used in XSL style sheets to transform XML documents into other XML documents.

(In topic `Web Development`) XSP (eXtensible Server Pages) is Cocoon`s scripting language for building dynamic Web applications based on dynamic XML content.

Yellow Pages
(In topic `Network Architectures`) Yellow Pages is an old term for what is now known as NIS or NIS/YP (see NIS)