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Ordnance Survey - Glossary: mapping terminology and acronyms
Category: Electronics and Engineering > mapping
Date & country: 24/09/2007, UK
Words: 414

A straight line joining two data points.

Vector Data
Positional data in the form of coordinates of the ends of line segments, points, text positions and so on.

An intermediate point in a polyline.

Virtual Private Network
A set of nodes on a public network such as the Internet that communicate among themselves using encryption technology to protect their messages from being intercepted and understood by unauthorised users.

Voronoi Polygons
See Thiessen Polygons.

See Virtual Private Network.

Web Site
A group of related HTML documents and associated files, scripts and databases that is served up by an HTTP server on the World Wide Web.

A person within an organisation who is responsible for day-to-day technical and editorial maintenance to the Web site.

A group of characters representing a unit of data and occupying one storage location. A word is usually long enough to contain one computer instruction or one integer e.g. 16 or 32 bits.

Workflow Application
A software technology that can be programmed to automate the steps in a work procedure, prompting users to carry out jobs and enabling managers to follow work processes and spot bottle-necks. More dynamic workflow software is also available to help groups of people work together on more ad hoc projects.

World Wide Web
Public network of Web sites available on the Internet on a global basis, available to any user anywhere in the world.

See World Wide Web.

See Extensible Mark-up Language.

To increase or decrease the scale of the map view window. Zoom out to view a smaller scale map and zoom in to view at a larger scale.