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Sunrise - Computer glossary
Category: Technical and IT > Computers
Date & country: 20/09/2007, UK
Words: 106

value-added reseller; a business that repackages and improves hardware manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer.

wide-area network; a network that uses high-speed, long-distance communications technology (e.g., phone lines and satellites) to connect computers over long distances.

Web cache
a Web cache fills requests from the Web server, stores the requested information locally, and sends the information to the client; the next time the web cache gets a request for the same information, it simply returns the locally cached data instead of searching over the Internet, thus reducing Internet traffic and response time.

Web site
a location on the World Wide Web that is owned and managed by an individual, company or organization; usually contains a home page and additional pages that include information provided by the site's owner, and may include links to other relevant sites.

World Wide Web
a global hypertext system operating on the Internet that enables electronic communication of text, graphics, audio, and video.

XOR engine
process or set of instructions that calculates data bit relationships in a RAID subsystem.