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Psychics - Psychic terms
Category: People and society > Spiritualism, Parapsychology and Paranormal
Date & country: 14/09/2007, UK
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Information or experience that is confirmed by facts and events.

Veridical Dream
A dream that corresponds to real events (past, present or future) that are unknown to the dreamer.

A religious apparition.

A spiritist and ancestor religion, originating in Africa, and now found predominantly in Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba. Magical rites, trance states and possession all play a major role in Voodoo. See also Candomble, Pocomania, Santeria, Umbanda, zombie.

A person who has been magically transformed into a wolf or other dangerous beast. See also lycanthropy, therianthropy, shape-shifting.

White Magic
Magical spells or rituals to produce beneficial effects. Cf. black magic.

White Noise
A hiss-like sound, formed by combining all audible frequencies. See also ganzfeld.

System of witchcraft, especially as practiced today in western countries.

Someone who practices witchcraft.

Folk magic. See also wicca.

A medicine wo(man) or shaman.

The ability to speak or write in a language that has not been learned. See also glossolalia.

Religious philosophy originating in India. It advocates the use of physical and psycho-spiritual techniques to lead the person to higher consciousness. See also meditation, siddhis.

Zener Cards
Set of 25 cards (5 each of circle, square, Greek cross, five-pointed star, three wavy lines) designed by the perceptual psychologist Karl Zener for use in card-guessing tests of ESP. Also known as ESP cards.

A corpse that has been partly brought back to (soul-less) life by magic. See also Voodoo.