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CAHE - Agriculture Glossary
Category: Agriculture and Industry > Agriculture
Date & country: 11/09/2007, USA
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row crops
The rows or planting beds are far enough apart to permit the operation of machinery between them for cultural operations.

A surveyed parcel of land containing 640 acres one square mile.

Pedigreed or well-bred livestock which is maintained for breeding purposes. A specially selected strain of plants or seeds which are to be used as parents for future generations.

selection harvest
Harvesting individual trees or small groups or trees at periodic intervals (usually 8 to 15 years) based primarily on their vigor and age. Selection harvesting perpetuates and uneven-aged stand.

A crop that has been preserved in a moist, succulent condition by partial fermentation in a tight container (silo) above or below ground. The chief crops stored in this way are corn (the whole plant), sorghum, and various legumes and grasses. The main use of silage is in cattle feed.

The male parent. To father or become the sire of.

A cereal grass used mainly for feedgrain or silage.

A sexually mature female hog, after having her first litter.

A legume crop, native to the Orient, used mainly in the United States for high protein feed and oil.

A male bovine castrated after puberty.

An unaltered (uncastrated) male horse.

A recognizable area of plants that is relatively homogeneous and can be managed as a single unit.

A male bovine castrated early in life, usually as a calf.

Heifers and/or steers that are being grown on pasture or other forage for later sale as feedlot replacements.

total mixed ration
A diet where all the feed ingredients are blended together to ensure every bit is nutritionally balanced.

An area of land that collects and discharges water into a single stream or other outlet. Also called a catchment or drainage basin.

A castrated male sheep.