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Hcs.ohio state Master Gardener Glossary
Category: Animals and Nature > Gardening
Date & country: 10/09/2007, USA
Words: 315

the part of a plant to which a graft is attached.

plant parts having different pigments resulting in more than one distinct color or shade on the foliage.

a subdivision of a species; occurs through natural hybridization.

Vascular system
the tissue in a plant that moves fluids through the plant.

an organism that transmits a disease-causing pathogen.

plant parts and processes concerning growth and nutrition and not reproduction.

the pattern of veins.

capable of growing or developing.

a group of submicroscopic infective agents that are considered nonliving complex molecules.

Warm-season crops
crops that are harmed by frost and do not grow well until the temperatures are in the 70s.

a very young tree that still has a flexible trunk.

Wide-row planting
growing the smaller vegetable crops in a space up to 3 feet across to better utilize space while reducing weeding.

Wilting point
the amount of water in a soil when a plant cannot obtain enough water to remain turgid.

a dense, bushy growth of branches and foliage caused by a parasitic fungus and mites or poor pruning techniques.

the part of the vascular system that moves water and minerals through the plant.