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Info about is an independent and private project, started in 2008. brings a small 2000 word list together in one place, making definitions and meanings easier to find. Encyclo provides the first lines of the definition as well as allowing you to discover more by accessing the original source.


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Why our website?

Word lists are created by many enthusiastic and dedicated people, some professionally and some as a hobby or out of general interest. These vary from the larger well known organisations to the small (as yet) relatively unknown of obscure. By bringing all of these together under one search we hope to save everyone time and energy and also provide alternative and varying definitions and meaning to each word.


At this moment Encyclo has 3,744,353 definitions indexed from 1,963 sources. There are 1,663,433 unique words in our database. These are contained in 28 categories.

Add a word list

We strive to provide answers for any search term you might need. In order to continually update and improve our service, we monitor and analyse searches and their results, adding and changing where necessary. We appreciate any extra resources which will help us to provide answers. IF you know of, or have yourself a good list of words and definitions which you feel would add benefit to the site, you can send it to

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Encyclo is a search engine and provides a list of all the resources we use. If you would prefer not to be named in our list of sources please let us know by contacting us at


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